My Jolida JD100 mod VS Music Hall CD25 mod

I purchased the Music Hall CD25 mod from underwood in December.The Cd player sounds great, but i wanted to know what the Jolida player was all about, since i am new to tubes and had just purchased the modded jolida 202A to go along with the Music Hall(love the Joida 202A mod from underwood!!!).So i purchased the modded version of the Jolida JD 100(with the underwood level 1 mod) from a seller here on audiogon.These players are two entirely different animals!!
If i could combine the best of both of them i would be in heaven but i find myself inbetween, and could lean either way, if the right thing were to be addressed in either player.
The Music Hall is so defined and has decent staging where as the jolida is not as defined and the staging is HUGE.I feel that if i could get the bass tightened up and a bit, and more accented on the Jolida, with a bit more extension in the upper frequencies,then things would be "right on" with the Jolida.
I do have some "VH Audio" power cords coming and i am hoping that will help me hear which way to go with these players.
I have heard that some GREAT tubes in the Jolida may help as well but i am really stuck on this cause each has there own sonic draw ya know.
They are so different but both sound so sweet in there own way.Didn't want to really keep both for financial reasons.
Any help or suggestions and or thoughts are much appreciated
I think what you hear is the difference between a moded SS (vs) a moded tube product. I don't think using different tubes will make a huge difference since the Jolida comes with upgraded NOS tubes. I'd be interested in what others more knowledgable than myself think!
I was in a similar situation. I had purchased a CD-25 level-1 modified from underwood last april. Sounded good, but was looking for something else. I purchased a JD-100 level-1 player (used) in December. I could tell there was potential in it, but the tubes (12ax7 Valvos) were creating a distortion I wasn't liking. After consulting with some folks here on A-gon, I bought a pair of Sylvania 5751 gold brand 3 mica grey plates for $65. What a difference! Now the Jolida sounds great, just what I was looking for. This was the player to invest in. So I sent the Jolida back to parts connexion for the level-2 upgrade and LC Audio XO3 clock. Currently breaking it in again after the mod.

I would highly recommend getting some quality 5751 tubes. You'll probably pay around $100 for a good NOS matched pair. Look for Sylvania, GE, RCA, 3 mica black plates. Check Joe's Tube Lore for a good read on the different 5751 options. You will keep the huge soundstage, and get the range and bass punch of the Music Hall. Plus, you'll find the middle more musical. I have been hoarding tubes and have several pair of 5751s now. I intend to keep this CD player for a long time.

I still have the Music Hall CD-25 and intend to keep it for my second system. I still like its sound as well, just not as much as the Jolida. The Music Hall is more exact, analytical, solid-state.

Feel free to contact me if you need any more info.


Thanks Lak
i know there are two levels of mods for the Jolida.There is one that costs $1240 and one that is around $1700 something.I think the more expensive one has the NOS tubes in it.I have the $1240 mod which i believe just has a matched pair of svetlanas in it.The more expensive mod has the NOS GE or RCA 12ax7 tubes.
I had heard that the Sylvania 5751 3Mica Black Plate Tubes are really nice but i can not find them anywhere.Even if i could i wonder if either of these tubes could do the trick for me.I Really like the sound of the player but would like it to do a bit more if it is possible.This is all new to me so any help is vastly appreciated !! : )
WOW Rick
you must of been posting at the same time as me : )
Thanks for that input !!!! Yeah i am going to have to try some of these 5751's.
I have owned the Jolida JD-100 for almost two years. It is an excellent CD player for the money, or even a lot more. Yes, the soundstage is huge and slightly diffuse, the edges of definition have been dulled just a wee bit, soundstaging is just a bit shy in the depth department but, the overall sound is immediate, engaging and immenently enjoyable.

Changing tubes in the Jolida provided different tilts and degrees of smoothness to the response spectrum but, it did not change the overall character of the sound. In the end I liked the stock Chinese tubes about as good as any others that I tried.

I have also recently auditioned a Musical Fidelity Trivista 21 dac in my home. Fed from a simple Pioneer DVD player the reproduced sound improved, or corrected, every perceived weakness of the Jolida. Definition was razor sharp, imaging was precise, the soundstage was deeper with pin point instrument and voice placement and, best of all, musicality was just as good as the Jolida (IMO, Jolida's strongest suit). So, if you are looking for that ideal combination of strengths found in the Jolida and MH players, by all means find a Trivisa 21 and audition it in your home (if at all possible) with a decent transport.
Also endorse the 5751 tubes for the Jolida. I went through the tube rolling exercise over a year ago and found the GC triple mica balck plates are the most satisfying over time. Great extension and detail...some lore exists around the CV4004, the Sylvania JANs and their impact on the Jolida....tried them...tried Mullards, tried Bugle Boys...have NOT tried Tele's yet. Sticking with the 5751.
I'm another owner of the Jolida (I have not heard the Music Hall so I'm not comparing here). My Jolida was purchased new from VeraStarr with minor mods: sound dampening sheets, electro-harmonix Russian 12AX7EH tubes and some sorbethane feet. I have tried two different sets of tubes: 1st was Sylvania "Gold Series" (gold pins) triple mica gray plates , 2nd was GE 5 star triple mica black plates. Although both an improvement over the Russian tubes, I prefered the sound stage and warmth of the GE tubes. Additional to the tube roll, I have placed my player on 3 isolation cones, replaced the PC with a VH Audio Flavor 4 power cord, and added a set of Hal-o tube dampeners from Herbies Audio Lab. At the end of the day, I'm wondering how this player can improve from here (for the $$)?
Too bad you didn't get the Response Audio/Dan Wright modded CD25, they add a tube output stage to the cdp plus some other upgrades. Would seem to be the best of both worlds. I have it and it is great.

I have the Jolida with internal damping, GE black plate triple mica - and it sounds good. I've tried a few current production tubes: sovtec longplates, EI's, and they sound good too, though slightly different. The Jolida is good, but not a giant killer! We compared it to a Wadia in my audio group, and the Wadia definitely had way better resolution while maintaining musicality and soundstaging. Of course, that costs 7x to 10x more. Without significant mods to a stock Jolida, I don't think you can fix the resolution thing.

Well Peter, the unit sounds pretty darn good as i have it now, but need a bit more, so MAYBE a new power cord, and a set of correct 5751's will get me CLOSER to where i need to go, without spending the heavy duty cash.Seven times as much and 10 times as much is quite a jump.Heck if the Jolida is being measured up against those kind of players it must be a good unit eh?So me thinks i should see what these inexpensive tweeks can do for the SOUND.THANKS EVERYBODY !!
Hi Seekburk,

Just to clarify, I wasn't dissuading you from making the mods. I made mods on mine too. I was just putting the player into context regarding the resolution issue. This is the only comparison I made, but the difference indeed came up on resolution.

Ok Thanks Peter.Thanks for your input !!