My Jolida 100 skips even on new cds. How to fix?


I have a Jolida 100 that is a few years old.

The player has starting skipping more and more, and now it is at the point where it skips even on quite new CDs.

I have tried one of those "CD player cleaners" where it is the CD with the brushes attached that you put in the player, but this has no beneficial effect.

Has anyone run into this, and does anyone have a solution of how to fix it (aside from sending it for repair)

thank you
This may be an easy fix ... sounds like the rails that the laser sled rides on have dried up and need to be re-lubricated.

When the rails dry up, the laser sled will momentarily bind, causing the skipping.

Check with Jolida as to what type of lubricant you should use, or take it to a repair shop, and have them Lube it ...
I had a Jolida for a couple of years. I had some problem discs with certain songs that it would not track. My TRL modified Sony tracks these discs without fail. I guess that the transport or error correction circuitry of the Jolida is not as good as other players. But it sounds like your problem is getting progressively worse. I would contact your dealer and send it back for repair before it stops tracking completely.

I doubt this problem has to do with tracking. I'd say Dave is right - and/or you may need to clean the lens with alcohol. Check with Jolida as to what they recommend you use.

Man i had heard at least 3 X's here on audiogon that Jolida was garbage.
Seems to be the case.

My advise is to trash it.
I own cayin.
I have had a similar problem with a Shanling 100. The transport had to be replaced. Everything is fine now.
Not familiar with Jolida players but once my Sony XA7ES starts to exhibit skipping problems, I used a dry cotton bud to clean the lens. The lens is fixed to the tray as it slides out, so there is no need to open the lid of the player.

Worth a try.

Really? Three times you have read about a problem on Audiogon and you say trash it? You don't even know what the problem with the unit is! If you trashed every piece that had an issue on Audiogon, there would be very few units left to buy! Let's wait and see what the problem is before we jump to that.
>>Man i had heard at least 3 X's here on audiogon that Jolida was garbage<<

I read the same thing about Seas drivers but I'm not sure I would believe it.
When I had a Jolida it would play a dog frisbee. I mean the worst, most beat up, scratched up terd of a CD, would play just fine.

....and it sounded great too!

Based on my experience I say somethings amiss, probably a dirty PU or a sluggish assembly.

How about trash Bartokfan and keep the Jolida! and get some B & W's while you're at it! HeHe, just kiddin' with ya, Mr. Goat!
I'd have to agree with Distortion...trash Bartokfan & keep the Jolida.

If there is one opinion I've seen over & over about the Jolida CDP is that it's VERY forgiving on poor recordings or beat up CDs. Unlike bartok, I've owned a Jolida for near two years and have no issues with how it performs mechanicaly or sonically. I have no plans to replace it at this point.
Bartokfan - You win the helpful post of the year award. Seriously, why don't you just go listen to some more Bartok on that Cayin of yours, or maybe some 64kbps mp3s.

Others - thanks for the help. I'll give it the "dry cotton ball" treatment today and see if that helps.

Anyone who has successfully lubed the sled rails here? If so - can you let me know what lube you used?

My transport/dac is a different brand but every once in a while it will get tempermental for no apparent reason and not read or skip on certain cd's. Usually but not always they will be cd's that I burned myself. Then again for no reason it will just start working ok. Is it humidity/heat/static build up in the room? I don't know, but after you try rail lubing or cleaning the lens or whatever maybe just unplug it and let it sit a couple of days.