My JL Audio sub is dead. What exactly happened?

So at my wife's request, I hooked up a Roku to my main system. Roku is a device for internet streaming movies and tv. The connection between the Roku and my preamp, a Meridian G68, was a 12 foot optical cable.

The first night, I hook up the Roku and it works perfectly.

The next night, I move some cables around, then I hook up the Roku again, exactly the same way as the previous evening. I get picture but no sound. Weird. I pondering what I might have done wrong when out of the speakers... POP. POP! POP!!!

Uh oh.

I dive for the amps, switch them off. The POPs stop immediately. But...

Now there's a TERRIFYING HIGH PITCHED PULSATING NOISE coming from somewhere in the room. I finally realize it's coming from the sub, a JL Audio Fathom 113. I dart across the room, switch it off.

I stand frozen, savoring the final moments of the fantasy that maybe things aren't that bad.

Here are some questions in no particular order...

1. I suspect the amp in the sub is fried. Does that sound right?

2. Where did those POPs come from? Could a damaged optical cable do it? Or maybe the optical cable wasn't fully seated?

3. Do I really have to ship this 150 pound sub to Florida? Or do you think there's any chance of finding someone local to fix it? (I'm in L.A.) The sub is out of warranty, btw.

4. I tried to take the panel off the rear of the amp (I know, lethal voltages inside) with the thought that maybe I would just bring the amp portion of the sub to someone local to fix. I removed about 12 screws from the rear panel and still it doesn't budge. Why can't I open this thing?

If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. If not, thanks for reading.


P.S. The rest of the system appears to be fine.
Sorry doro, the unit is back together so I can't tell you the number of R542. I replaced the 35v/100uf cap and it didn't help.  I spoke to JL, and they said in addition to the cap the output FETs are blown! Since this already happened once to me they are going to fix it again under warranty. As the unit failed both times while in standby mode, after I get it fixed again I am going to leave the sub off completely, ie not in standby, while not in use.
I am having a few minor issues (intermittent popping noise at high volumes and a scratchy/intermittent master volume / gain knob on the front panel. I called JL and they informed me they have a repair service where you ship the sub to them, they will repair or replace anything in the unit back to original specs, inlcuding upgrading components to be inline with their current models (or something like that), and pay the return shipping all for $300

I have a F112
I decided to ship my F112 for repairs last week instead of messing about repairs I know nothing about. Sucks that it’s out of warranty now and shipping is another $150. Hopefully turn around time won’t be long.

It’s too bad the f112 is only upgraded to the latest version of v1. I would’ve gladly paid the $300 or maybe even a bit extra for a v2 upgrade.
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I am experiencing the same problems with one of my F113s.  I use the two in separate rooms with separate systems.

I’ve owned this particular one for about 7 years and it was starting to generate low rumbling/popping sounds about a year ago. The rumbling was not very loud but it was noticeable. I would shut off the sub and the next day power it back up and the problem would go away for about 3 months. 

Last night I noticed that the F113 wasn’t powered on. I checked the power cord and the outlet and they were fine. My F113 is now dead and won’t power on. 

I assume I may have the same problems with the caps that others are experiencing, but mine won’t turn on at all. 

I dont have the tine or the patience to open the sub up and try to implement the repairs myself and I am really interested in JL Audio’s deal for $300 to send the sub back to them for repairs. Can anyone shed more light on this?  What is the turnaround time?

Unfortunately I threw out both boxes for the subs a few years ago. They were taking up too much space and I have no plans to move, so I figured I wouldn’t need them anymore....ughh!  Does JL Audio sell boxes?  Do you think they can send me and empty box so I can pack up my sub and send it in for repair?  I’ve never dealt with their customer support, so any thoughts you can share on this would be appreciated. 

One more there a replaceable fuse on the F113?  I would love it if there was a simple fix for my problem....though I think it’s wishful thinking!

Thanks for your help.