My iPod and me.....

I really enjoy the sound of my brand new iTouch iPod hooked up to my Hi-Fi system. I don't listen to CDs, strictly analog for me but I find the sound of this little do-hickey to be quite enjoyable. I have about 800 songs on it and plug it into my Pathos Classic mkIII integrated amp with a Cardas iPod Cable and Sonus Faber Concerto speakers then press Shuffle and I'm set for hours of musical enjoyment.
My question is, am I no less of an audiophile now or must I turn in my audiophile card?
I like it a lot when playing cds ripped losslessly from iPod to my high end system. Otherwise (128, 192...) I find it.. well, never mind ;-)

My own version of this is that I love the sound of the Monitor Audio iDeck, a $350 ipod dock - mini system that I got for one third of retail on closeout. With a Classic 80 iPod playing lossless and a REL T1 sub hooked up, it's got a wonderful sound, in a small room, and to my surprise it's found a home there.

My question is, am I no less of an audiophile now or must I turn in my audiophile card?

Clearly you have not suffered enough, nor spent enough money. Look into some expensive and exotic upgrades and tweaks. Stick a few Mundorf caps in there somewhere...a few more tubes...have Geoff Kait phone you up and rattle some've got a few more days till your annual card expires. Get this stuff done and you'll be in good shape when it comes time for renewal.

I am glad to hear you are enjoying your iPod Touch. I to, have been listening to iPod and iTunes products with great satisfaction for the last few years. The computer connected to a good DAC can sound awesome.

Keep listening and don't let the "audiophiles" bother you. There was a time when people thought the world was flat. ;-)