My ICs are short…..duh!

I am sure many of us have been in this situation. Lol.  After rearranging my rig, the ICs between the amp and pre are short.  Sh^t!  Should have measure twice. Lol again.  But I really like the new arrangement and would like to keep it.

These are 2 meter balanced Cardas Golden Reference ICs.

What do you think about joining two ICs together, a 1 meter to the 2 meter Golden Reference, to create the needed length?  

Using this configuration now.  But it is too soon to determine if this will affect quality over the long run.

What, if any, are you experiences with using similar ICs in series?



It'll work but will the additional plugs sound bad? Who can tell? Do you care enough to buy new cables? 
It happens. Adding more bridge connectors in the signal path will result in some change. It also depends on your hearing. Knowing you splurged for Cardas already, it still might be worth bighting the bullet and selling off or trading up for a longer pair of XLRs. 2m is desirable for resale. Someone will take those off your hands. I’ve owned countless Cardas cables and never had a problem reselling them. Particularly the older Golded/Cross/Ref stuff, and to the folks with brighter SS gear trying to tame it some or when streaming old track content.
Nothing better than rolling your own out of DH Labs pure silver, heat shrink and tech flex. :)
Only your ears know if it's worth it. Buy additional lengths as returnable.
Using this configuration now. But it is too soon to determine if this will affect quality over the long run.

Uh, what? It is what it is. It's not gonna get worse over time. 
Hi good morning....

Thanks for the comments and advice.

You goners said that they have had no negative affects with this configuration.  Some maybes.  So, I will keep listening and for now I will continue with the double ICs.    

If I hear this affects the sound poorly or the idea of 2 IC connected together drives me crazy, then i will look into purchasing longer ICs and selling the current sets.  Is this what the stimulus payout is for?

I find changes like this can be subtle and may take a few listening sessions to recognize whether the changes are for the good or bad. 

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