My heart goes out to the families of Columbia

I just tuned in cnn to see the news of the explosion/break up of the space shuttle. My deepest sympathies to the families of the crew.
My heart goes out also, every time one of the shuttles go up I can't help but feel a little fear for them, and after this time it will be more so.
I remember where I was when the first shuttle tragedy happened. I believe all astronauts are heroes. I salute them.
Needless to say, this puts our listening group gathering today on a rather somber note. This was to be the first get together for a fledgling South Jersey group, hosted at my home. Can anyone suggest some appropriate music to be played, provided we meet at all? This event makes me want to call it off out of respect to the crew and families. Folks are due here in about an hour.
Please remember to lower your flags to half staff... May God bless and be with all.
Slipnot1 - appropriate music - Arvo Part "Cantus in memory of Benjaman Britten. I can send it to you via email.
Ltkije - thanks for your kind offer. I think I may have a couple in mind: Morten Lauridsen "Lux AEterna" and Mahler "Symphony No.2 "Resurrection"" w/ Gilbert Kaplan and London Symphony
I do feel for the friends and families of the crew and the NASA agency in general. My uncle worked on the Apollo Space program, and I have met several of the first astronauts.

One interesting point... I remember reading an article that NASA scientists estimate that there is a about 2% chance of a catastophic failure every mission a space shuttle makes. The shuttles have gone on a bit over 100 missions (I think around 120) with two catastophic failures (Challenger and Columbia) which puts the failure rate at a little under 2%.

I think NASA really needs to re-evaluate the Space Shuttle designs because a 2% failure rate seems a little high (I know I would not drive or fly anything if I knew there was a 2% chance I would die doing it). The shuttle design is around 25 years old.... Yes, I know the shuttles have been updated through the years. However, NASA should be able to come up with something a bit more safe by now. Technology has changed considerably in 25 years, I think it is time to retire the shuttle design (ASAP) as soon as we can replace it with something better.

My reaction too Slipknot1. Craig
KF, I know it's easy to drift off onto related subjects, but lets keep the focus of this thread on the crew of Colombia. If you wish to start another thread more on your topic, I will gladly participate.

For now, may all of us remember the remarkable and courageous individuals that were lost today aboard the Colombia. They knew their journey was inherently perilous, and yet they chose to participate because of the common dream that has always inspired explorers. They were among the best and the brightest, and we should honor them through remembrance and continued support for their dreams of advancement, both scientific and of the human spirit. In an age when the norm seems to be distrust and fear and hatred, NASA, through these gifted few, so clearly demonstrated the ability for humankind to transcend ethnic and religious differences. As we appear poised on the brink of war, let us hope that this tragic loss might produce a pause for all Nations to weigh the ramifications for the potential loss of loved ones on all sides. To the families of the crew of Colombia, we extend our sincerest condolences. To the crew of Colombia, though you will be sorely missed, your inspiration and sacrifice will not be forgotten. Thank you.
Good thoughts, Jcb. These men and women who we mourn today gave their lives in service. Six Americans, one Israeli, so it hits closer to home for Americans and Israelis, but the message would be the same regardless of nationality. Astronauts are very visible and noteworthy examples of people who willingly and knowingly confront danger in the service of their countries and their communities, in service to others.

From Mr. Bush's address today: "The same Creator who names the stars also knows the names of the seven souls we mourn today. The crew of the shuttle Columbia did not return safely to Earth; yet we can pray that all are safely home."
I have been deeply saddened by all three of America's space program tragedies and loss of the brave and dedicated astronauts. Each time, I felt as if someone punched me in the gut. I've been listening to Elton John's "ROCKET MAN" and David Bowie's "STARMAN" quite a bit today. Requiem En Pace you heroic souls!