My Forte 4a vs. Threshold T100 or T200?

I've been very pleased with my Forte 4a all class A amp driving my Tyler Linbrook Monitors. However, I'm willing to upgrade to a Threshold if I can be relatively certain that there will be audible improvements. Can you tell me what improvments I can expect from such an upgrade? Preamp is a Threshold T3. Thanks.
I bought a Forte Model 4 from a gentleman who "upgraded" to a Threshold T-100. He was driving a pair of Thiel CS 3.5s and was thrilled with the Forte, so he figured the T-100 would be that much better.

He ended up selling the T-100 and buying another Forte. It wasn't that the Threshold wasn't good. It's just that, at 3X the price (used market value) it wasn't *that* good. The money was better invested elsewhere in the system.

You might want to contact him through this site. His username is Sas_quach
Threshold is still better sounding than Forte, the components used if nothing else were much better.

T-holds are not depth champs, but they don't grate on your ears like a lot of SS, and the tonality is dead on. For the price of a used S series it's a steal, and did I mention bullet proof!

Try a used S XXX series II

They are used between 500-1500 and are still great pieces, I don't like the bipolar sound as well. Besides if they (T series) go down your stuck as the output devices are no longer made and it's off to Jon S. for a rebuild to the S-level plus.