My First Turntable

I picked a Dual 1237 today. This is my first turntable. I just wanted to try it. I don't know much, but I took the advice of a local guy that seems to be pretty knowledgable. He seemed to think the dual would be a good first turntable. The cartridge is a Shure RXT5, does anyone know what these were delivered with? Also, I do not get any volume. My pre-amp is a PS Audio 6.2. Could I have a mismatch problem with my preamp and the cartridge, like a MC cartridge paired with a MM preamp?
I'm pretty sure that the PS Audio 6.2 is a LINE stage only preamp. NO phono stage. You will need to get an outboard phono stage to use a turntable.

The 6.2 is a full function preamp, so you should be hearing music. Take it off of the straightwire setting, if you have it there, and see if you hear anything. Double check the cable connections on the preamp, too. If that doesn't get anything for you, maybe the connection on bottom of the turntable isn't making up. That Dual has RCA connections underneath on a little board, so that they are disconnected when the tonearm is lifted. That is actually where I suspect the problem lies. If so, it shouldn't be that hard to correct.

Thanks, I can hear the music, but only when I turn the volume pretty much all the way up with the straight wire turned off. Before I bought the turntable we did listen to it, so I know it worked. I don't have a manual for this preamp, so I'm beginning to think you are right Mofimadness. What about this cartridge. Do you know anything about it?

Here are a couple of websites you will use over and over on your continued search for "vinyl nirvana"

The cartridge database has that cart listed with all the specs.
The Dual is a nice little belt drive turntable. I would immediately receommend a new belt and oiling the plattter bearing. I don't believe that these turntables came packaged (at least not from Dual) with any cartridge. Not until the late Dual/Ortofon series did the turntable come set up from the factory. Reliability should be good, as it is with all Duals. The tone arm is an excellent one, and properly set up will not harm you records. I am not familar with this Shure cartridge and would recommend a new Audio Technica or something similar that would mate well with the Dual. You will need to get an outboard phono preamp to plug into the line stage of your preamp. Music Direct has a few low cost models that are very musical. Enjoy, your on the road to a life long addiction. :)
Make sure the stylus is seated completely in the cartridge. If it is not, there will be very low output. Just give it a small nudge from the front towards the back.