My first turntable

Hi I just picked up a music hall mmf 5.1 and a project tube box s. Had some issues shipping(chipped corner of the table, missing needle) they have ups looking g into it right now hopefully something comes from it and if not hoping the company helps me out and makes this right. I had a Sumiko blue point #2 cartridge installed from a local dealer and wow, I can't believe it has taken me this long to get into vinyl. Incredible sound, much better dynamics than cd and the sound is just better all around. I'm amazed. Now I just hope things are corrected so I don't have to look at a slightly damaged table and pay for a stylus that seemed to disappear during shipping. Actually the carrier is there just no needle... Anyways thanks and let me know what you think about my budget setup.
Nice to post here again been a long time.
If the table arrived damaged and you are expecting to be able to return it, why are you using it?
If you are expecting help from Roy Hall (music hall) good luck. He stiffed me over a defective arm.
You should have returned it without making any attempt to fix the damage. Good luck trying to get the problem fixed now.
In my personal opinion I would send it back and get a Rega RP3 for roughly the same money you have 10 times the turntable. The Rega RP1 would outperform the music hall for significantly less. I've heard terrible things about music Hall's customer service.
Seems like an angry guy as well. Look at the Manufacturer's Comments in the latest issue of Stereophile. Ouch!
Just a suggestion on the Tube Box, I have one that I've been using for a few years. I took out the stock 12AX7s and put in an old pair of Mullards. Pricy but well worth it. Much better clarity and bass extension. Otherwise, definitely a really good piece for not a lot of scratch. Congrats.