my first tube amp- Cary SLI-50

Hi. This is my first post. I currently have a vintage solid state McIntosh set up with a 2105 amp. I just bought a Cary SLI-50 w/ 35 wpc. for 800.00. I would like to know you what you all think good and bad about this amp? thanks Pter
Wow, what a steal! That amp was 2295.00 when new. If you have the right set of speakers, 89db efficient or better you will have a combination that will be hard to beat for many times the price you paid. I use Triad System 3 speakers which are an 89db efficient, sealed box design with a separate sealed box 60w powered woofer. The SLI50 has a certain sound to it that is very appealing. It is very fast and dynamic with some midrange magic, plus no hiss or hum. It is a very engaging amp to listen to. The reflections from the tubes off the chrome chassis in a dark room are a pretty sight as well. I have another friend that has an SLI50 and loves it also. IMO it is one of the great bargains in hi end audio.

I still use all of the original tubes except output tubes which have been replaced. I'm currently using JJ E34L's. The selector switch did require replacement which I did myself.
Thanks! Good to hear I made a good decision. It is supposed to be in mint condition w/ less than 50 hours on it. I plan to have it connected so I can switch back and forth between my 2 amps. Any good way to do this? I would love to hear more info about the cary sli-50. peter