My first power conditioner - positive experience

Just wanted to share my first experience with a power conditioner, coz I have to say it was positive.

My system:
Modwright Transporter streaming 16/44 and 24/96 content
Theta Digital Data Basic ii and Ds Pro Basic iii for redbook
Hovland HP-100 Pre
Pass Labs Aleph 3 Amp
KEF 103/3 speakers
Audioquest Diamondback interconnects
Pangea power cables

My music library s exclusively Jazz

The power area is the least invested area of my system, and I took a small step with a Panamax Max 5100-PM conditioner. Definitely low end at $300 retail and I paid $135 used.

I has been quite happy with my current system performance. Saw the Panamax cheap and tried it. Was pleasantly surprised that I found small but noticeable improvement.

Overall a bit more punch. Clearer instrument pacement and definition. Slightly more forward soundstage, not in a bad way. Wider soundstage. Everything jut a bit more... "there".

If you have optimized other elements of your system, think about power too. It made a difference for me even with a really low end conditioner.

welcome! to the wonderful world of power/line conditioners.
You have a very nice system. Have you thought about a dedicated line to your gear?
I have used a Panamax for years.When I first put in the Panamax the noise floor dropped considerably.That was when I lived in a big city and apparently it was filtering out a lot of grunge in the power line.Auditioned a Power Plant which caused all of the transformers to buzz.Now I'm in the boonies and the cdp and pre sound very slightly better with no conditioning,but I keep it in for surge protection.I also have the amps hooked up to a Tripp Lite surge protector,and find no audible difference when they are plugged directly to the outlet.I do have them on dedicated lines.And yes,you do have a really nice system!
I recently purchased the PS Audio Powerplant P3 and have been astounded at the improvement it had on my system. To me, power needs to be the very first thing you consider before spending money on a component because without consistent, clean power you will never hear what the component is capable of.
For years I have used the Mapleshade power strip/conditioner with excellent results.
However, recently adding the Machina Dynamica Flying Saucer for wall outlet next to the power strip and to other unused AC wall outlets has further upgraded both the analog and digital performance in what amounts to a major upgrade.
As mentioned by Tboooe, there can be tremendous potential within existing components waiting to be unveiled.
My own vote goes to Machina Dynamica for great results at reasonable cost.