My first RMAF was this year. It was great! Everyone should go and experience it. I'll be back next year. One thing that stood out is the EVERYONE was using a power conditioner. I know the hotel's electric was polluted but it got me thinking that I might benefit.

I'm running a Peachtree decco 65 watt class D amp to Zu Essence speakers. Source is my Mac running through Amarra software. A friend suggested Shunyata. I've also read the marketing literature on the PS Audio "regenerator" power supplies which sounds interesting. I'm open to any brand and I prefer to buy used. I'm prepared to spend $1,000 or so if necessary but I'd like to get by on less. I have a dedicated circuit from the fuse panel which happens to be less than 12 below me and only runs two hifi pieces, both very light draws: the Peachtree integrated and a DAC. My questions are:

1. Is an old PC is a good start or have they have made big strides recently so that a new one - even if a lesser model - is better. There are some older models at much lower prices. How old is too old to be a good value? Should I look for something within X number of years old?

2. For my initial purchase, how should I split my budget between the PC and the power cord? I have a "HSR-1 by TG" power cord that was recommended for a previous amp, a Parasound JC1. I also have a ZU Birth power cord. Should I start over or use one of those for now?

Thanks in advance for ideas, suggestions and comments.
Im in the process of getting a PLC too. Ive settled on the Blue Circle Thingee. They are advertised here on Agon and have posiive reviews. To save costs, BC houses its PLC in a PVC pipe sealed with silcone. Check it out.
A lot of variety in designs and philosophies.
I went through a few in increasing price ranges..
And am happiest with my $3,500 list (paid $1,400 used) Furman REF20i.
I suggest you try a few cheaper ones to see what they do FOR YOUR SYSTEM.
Different types have different levels of stuff they do TO your systems sound.
Good luck.