My first post

Hello. Just registered today. Happy Holidays! 
When I joined, it is to my understanding that Audiogon is the marketplace for high-end audio products and minds ... I hope. In trying to exchange ideas and products for our hobby, what is the process we can share to learn from?
(FYI, with my office shutdown during Christmas, I got time in my hands to binge the tech forum!)
Thanks for reading my first post.

Newbie here, too. I’ve been following along for a couple of months and have taken a few strolls down the rabbit hole with you all. I’m enjoying tagging along, learning and being teased with new knowledge, daily.

Some goodies I’ve picked up along the way:

Yamaha RX-A860
Emotiva A300
Elac Uni-fi UB5s
Oppo 103
Harmon Kardon 330B