My first post, need some opinions about speakers

Hi - This is my first post. I'm in the process of selecting new speakers for my system. I have narrowed my choice down to:

A. Devore Nines, which I have listened to several times and like very much.

B. A pair of speakers built by a friend that have Feastrex D5nf drivers and a Feastrex passive ratiator. I have heard these too, and also enjoy them very much.

I have a Shindo tube amp and tube preamp, and a 47 Labs Flatfish CD player. I listen primarily to blues and jazz, and also some heavier rock.

I am sure I would be happy with either pair, but I would welcome any impressions or opinions you have.

Thank you
Buy what sounds best to you.Have you heard either with your equipment?That's the best test.
Devore's are supposed to be the cat's meow with Shindo. Nice gear -- that's my dream stuff. Like that you play rock over those 'dainty' little Shindo's. Bet it sounds great.
Welcome! I can't comment on the sound, and I imagine that no one here could, as one of your choices is made by a friend. I will make two points, however. First, should you ever consider selling your speakers, and most here do, eventually, you will certainly get a larger portion of your original investment back with the Devores. Second, unlike the dark, old days, science is now an integral part of speaker design. Impulse tests, finite element analysis, time delay spectronomy, there are tons of empirical tools that the speaker designer has at her disposal. If your friend does not have a full suite of design tools to augment the voicing of the speaker, then the results may not translate from her room to yours very well and there may be some sonic defects that do not become evident until you have listened for quite some time.
Concur with everything said by Viridian. If both speakers seem about equal to you, you have two choices:

Be a good friend and support your friend's speaker building business, knowing that you will never be able to sell your speakers.


Buy the name brand speakers that you know you will be able to get at least half your money back on (assuming you are buying them new).

Speakers and money are a lot easier to replace than a great friendship and integrity - never jeopardize either.
I tried the Devore Super 8's for about a week in my setup. Found them too forward/revealing for digital gear (I've heard that Devore designs his speakers around analog sources). They're nice, just not good with my tube amp and digital front-end. They have the same drive units as the Nines if I'm not mistaken.

Living Voice IBX-R2's might be another consideration. Just as (actually more efficient) than the Devores while giving you a warmer "british" sound that's favorable to rock and other forward sounding music (and much more forgiving with digital). That's what I'm likely settling on as I've been demoing them for over a week now.
support your're going to replace everything in a couple more years anyway....its the law.
I would move your friends speakers into your listening room for a month. Then decide.

If it were me, I would get the Nines. I lived with the Super 8s for a year and a half and loved them. If I were able to home the demo the Silverbacks I suspect I would be listening to them right now instead of my VA POs, but then again.....
Given your musical preferences, I'd go with the DeVore 9's. They are good, actually make that excellent, with Shindo gear. The combination excels at communicating the emotional content of jazz and blues. John DeVore is a great guy and is the kind of person you can feel comfortable doing business with.

Good luck.