my first hight end sound system , please don’t ignore

hello my audiophile friends !!
out of my passion for good music i have decided to build my very first hight end audio system , i bought a pair of dali euphonia ms5 in mint contition with very few hours on them, an edge NL10 power amp , a  benchmark dac3 pre amp , 3 runs per speaker - tri-wiring terminated with high-end plugs “ rea cable “ wires made from pure silver , and 2 RCA stereo pair ,, my next purchase will be a power supply and i am currently building a table for my audio eqiipment made from granite and sorbothane , i also bought TDK clip on Emi Rfi filters , and hight end Single Crystal Copper Power Cords ,, i will start slowly doing my researh for turntables and hoping not to spend more than 3000, 3500 on that , 
i’m i in the right path ? i would apreaciate tips suggestions and help , i am new to this with some basic  understandings about audio equipments
That is quite an ambitious start with some very good gear. Was somebody advising you on your purchases?
HiFi systems are all about synergy, meaning that all the components in the system must work well together to produce quality sonics that you enjoy listening to.
The only way to know is to power it up, let the components break in for a number of hours, then sit back and listen.

I would recommend that you install dedicated AC lines from your circuit panel to power your system. Then you will be isolated from all the electrical devices in your home which add noise, especially the appliances.
What is your digital source? I know you have the Benchmark DAC, but will you be using CD, computer audio, streaming?
i started my reasearch ( reading online and asking around ) about a year ago , and i also have a relative that i bought the euphonias from him who helped me , but i had a general idea so moslty my set up is based on my  conclusions . i’m an electrician , so i was thinking of installing dedicated circuit lines from the panel , but i thought with the power suply i didn’t have to , but i didn’t really know the reason , thanks for explaining ! i am curently working on the table and my space , so i didn’t power it up yet
i’m going to be using my computer for now to listen to music to know what records to buy ,, its going take me a while (2,3 months ) to build my turntable set up , i am doing my reasearch on that
Definitely on the right track.

Now allyou need is a Roon and Tidal subscription!

Building a nice rack can be good fun but you already have all the gear you need for great sound!
It sounds like you're off to a good start. Very nice speakers, btw.
Your purchases seem to be well researched and as lowrider57 pointed out, it's all about synergy. Good call on the pure silver wire as well. Pretty soon you can be giving advice here as well. 👍

All the best,
thank you lowrider57 and nonoise , i am
really excited for this ,, i will keep reasearching and improving my setup 🎶

May you have many years of blissful enjoyment!

locking forward to that douglas !!!
My first system a pair of new Klipsch Heresy speakers unfinished.$750  i stained and put many coats of French wax  looked great.Kimber cables 
and Lafayette had a special for $250 cables , dual turntable Pickering cartridge, and 10 wpc receiver  back in the mid 70s 
and it sounded pretty dam good .at 16 it was the hot ticket.

Welcome! dimitris7

you are on your way. Have fun on your Audio journey.

Happy Listening!


Congrats on acquiring a pair of MS5's. I have the gorgeous Alpi finish & they sound just as gorgeous as they look, with a lush soundstage & dynamics to die for! My system is showcased @ US Audiomart if interested:

Your system is admittedly probably several orders of magnitude higher than mine, so you will probably feel goosebumps when you finally get the synergy.

My most recent purchase was Apple TV 4K & I must say it sounds rather astonishing compared to my previous generation Apple TV feeding into my Oppo BDP105. My source for that feed is my MacBook Pro running iTunes. I am running a DD turntable feeding a tube phono preamp for my vinyl rig with very satisfying results - again due in large part to the synergy that of course takes a while to figure out.

As others have confirmed, synergy is the key; I have found running tri-wire speaker cable made quite the difference even though I am only powering the MS5's with a Hybrid Integrated with only one set of speaker outputs. The secret was, for lack of better description, the geometry of the wiring from amp to speaker. I experimented extensively for sometime & found the perfect geometry; I was taken aback quite literally when finding the perfect synergy. Have been quite satisfied for nearly a year now not having made much change other than relocating to another state.

I took the "Diagonal Bi-Wire" idea (from I think it was either Nordost or Audioquest) to the next level but in a Tri-Wire configuration instead. Do some research on it & since you are an electrician, I think you will in all likelihood figure it out. It didn't seem like it was going to make much difference, but in my case it made a world of difference, particularly in the bass definition.

Keep us posted!
Definitely on the right track! Edge amps are excellent and very underrated. My only thought is you might find the combination of a SS amp, silver speaker cables and a ribbon tweeter on the bright side. Then again it may be perfect for you. Most of all let your ears be the judge and don't second guess yourself and happy listening!
thank you Eric for your tips !
i am also feeding my source from my mac, i can not wait the time to power things up and take it from there , like i said i’m curently working with my space, and changing few outlets , and waiting some cables and sobrothane for my audio equipment to be delivered so i can start putting things together , but i think if things goes well i will be ready to power them up and start working with my space “acoustic wise” and locating the speakers by march.
and finaly start puting together the turtable .
i don’t know much yet about turtables , but i think i will end up with a used VPI , u can get a good deal for around 1500$ with a separate from the body belt motor 
 i’ve read that, seperate motor turnables isolate the motor vibration from the turtable (make sense,, lol)
i also plan spending around 800,1000 for cartridge ,,
no idea yet about tonearm and wiring .... 
I agree with Jond. When I read that you were using silver speaker cables I almost cringed. I have experimented a lot with cables and found the more silver there is in a system, the less organic and natural it will sound. I would suggest staying with 100% copper all the way. It's very subjective, and as the others have said you really need to find the balance between all your components, power cables, and interconnects. Even changing your power cables on each unit will effect each component individually. Once again I suggest 100% copper is the way to go. 
Nice choice of TT; my first TT from a high end perspective was a VPI Scout w/ a Sumiko Blackbird. Many fond memories of that setup. After several years, I upgraded to another VPI - A Classic. During that time I went through several amps & a couple speakers including a pair of B&W 803D prior to upgrade to MS5 as well as a handful of cartridges.

Turntable setup is rather critical, especially with a VPI unipivot tonearm, if that will be your choice. Prepare yourself for the unipivot tonearm setup; its quite challenging but very satisfying in the end when you get it all dialed in. My favorite TT was VPI HRX that I would go listen to at my local dealer - simply sublime! Of course that may have to do with the speakers also; they were Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage. Next door was the aforementioned Dali Euphonia MS5 the sound of which stayed with me for a long time almost as long as the SF Strads' - until finally I was able to recently acquire them - the MS5's that is. Oh what I would do to own a pair of Strads' - but that is another story!

As you can tell from my current setup showcased on the other site, I have moved on to a rather simple vinyl rig in favor of my digital music listening. I have found that a properly 'synergized' digital front end can sound just as musically engaging as a properly synergized vinyl/analog rig. Only the analog/vinyl rig in my humble experience is much more finicky & can cost quite a lot more than digital/stream. I enjoy both realms though modest by comparison.

Enjoy the Music!
than you eric ! you comments are really helpfull and i’m definitely keeping you posted
i feel that the ms5’s have a lot of potential , i ended up with them after a LOT of researching
as it goes sound wise i feel like the best sound i will not get it from vinyls ,, there is a whole new world bulding the right set up for records
thats why i got the  benchmark dac3 to cover my digital source 
but i definatly have to build a decent to good TT set up , because that was the reason i decided to invest on a high end sound system , i really love music and many if not most of my favorite music comes only on vinyls 

A great start indeed.  You may want to do some research on the TDK RFI filters, some say that they have a negative effect on the sound of audio systems.  Good luck.  
 If you can run dedicated lines to your audio room (you are an electrician), you should do that. When you do, remove all the filtering stuff (some audiophiles will disagree) and plug all our equipment directly into the outlets. Listen for a few weeks.
 Sell all the filtering nonsense and buy more records.
My humble opinion...
thanks for the advice, i will definitely try both ( with filters and without ) and have that in mind
also i just bought a power plan for all my audio equipment , i think it was the best think to do
I have to agree w/ oregon. Personally I tried using a power plant only to discover that my system actually sounds better without it as long as I was on dedicated electrical. A power plant benefited my system somewhat when I was unable to run dedicated power lines; was quite the opposite when I finally got a place where I could do sole use electrical.
In no way do I have disrespect for power plants; they can serve well if there is a lot of noise & / or devices on the same circuit. In my case I heard a lower noise floor - but dynamics suffered.
In a dedicated electrical environment, I did discover that power cables made more of a difference, making a very good system sound rather stellar, especially if you can run good wiring along with good power cables!
Hope my experience helps; Enjoy The Music!
thank you ericjcabrera !! 
does the dynamics also depends from the power plan? ,, i bought the ps audio p10 , and ofcourse with good power cables and wiring 
Try listening with & without power plant; I think your system will be very revealing of the effects, probably even more so than my system. For mine, after dedicated lines, I ended up selling the power plant in favor of being without it & have never turned back.

As for power cables & wiring; when I got dedicated power, I experimented with running my entire system on generic run of the mill cables & then all high end power cables. The difference is nothing short of amazing; I cannot explain why, only that I definitely hear a marked improvement w/ high end cables. Cleaner sound, lower noise floor, much improved three dimensional holographic imaging, less fatigue & the list goes on . . . 

The other cable I upgraded to high end was speaker cables; they made almost as much if not more improvement than power cables did. Upgraded interconnects made less improvements for my system than did the aforementioned; I stuck with mostly silver on my single ended IC’s & copper for my balanced IC’s.