My first CD buys in eons...great stuff

A very good double CD of Bil Bruford and Michiel Borstlap ( i never heard of him ) called "Every Step A Dance, Every Word A Song".......just piano and drums...very easy to listen music and extremely well recorded..very intimate sound (all live). And very interesting liner notes from Buford regarding record producing.

Steve Hackett and The Underworld Orchestra's Metamorpheus...

I also am waiting for Bill Bruford and Earthworks "Random Acts of Happiness"

I also ordered in CD ( I already have the vinyl) of Bruford/Moraz
"Music for Piano and Drums"

The new Richard Thompson CD (and preordered the vinyl)
"Front Parlour Ballads"
there was a cool interview on NPR where he played some tracks...great stuff.

Also Judith Owen's Lost and Found.....I dig her stuff a lot,and her..

For some reason, lately I am really loving my CD player
What about 3 Of A Perfect Pair?
ALSO, another of Bill Bruford`s work with
King Crimson.
I have that one already,,,I find the KC stuff from that era a little monotonous,,,3 of a perfect pair, discipline and beat could have been just one album.
Borstlap is excellent, the White House/Borstlap trio and the Borstlap Sextet Live recordings (both 2cd sets) are worth hearing. Body Acoustic is good too, (just about anything w/ Han Bennink on it would be). You might be able to get these pretty cheap, i used to see them in the bargain bins alot. May also want to check these out too if yer' into interesting duos w/ percussion:
Lucas Niggli & Sylvie Courvoisier - Lavin
Cheval de Frise - (both are great)
DK Trio - Soul Machine
Hella - Hold Your Horse Is
Marc Ducret/Bobby Previte - In The Grass
Good For Cows - Less Than Or Equal To
Dylan Van der Schyff/Peggy Lee - These Are Our Shoes
Myra Melford/Han Bennink - Eleven Ghosts
Ellery Eskelin/Han Bennink - Dissonant Characters