My first and last DIY project

It was $$, and time and it was worth it. I think?
If they sound as good as they look you must be very pleased. Care to share a few details?

Thanks, and yes i am very pleased. It took me months of learning about building enclosures and x-over parts, and many hours of trying to understand how, and why all this should work.
The 'Watt'clone is 3/4" mdf, front baffle is triple that and back two layers. Sides, back and top, lined with 1/8" lead sheet. Bottom is double that (1/4")lead. Over lead is 0.70" self adhesive bitumen pads, and 2" "egg-crate" shaped accoustic foam or sponge. Two braces strategicaly placed, to ensure maximum rigdity (North Creek speaker building broshure). After first 'smoke test' i decided against loose dacron filling (as suggested by original plan). Each weight about 50lbs.
Crossover is all best parts i could afford: 14ga Foil inductors, Ansar and AudioCap capacitors, Allen Bradley resistors, and silver plated 14ga wire from North Creek music systems. Drivers are Focal 120TDX, Seas CB17RCY, Port is 4 3/4".

Sub enclosure is 3/4" with double that front and back. Extensive bracing is used versus heavy filling and damping. Only bitumen pads were used on all sides and foam directly behind two drivers. Port is 3" ID and around 8" long. Woofers are 8" Peerless with lead and bitumen dampened basket. X-over is wired out of phase to avoid negative Bass interaction with my room.

Very dynamic and detailed and still breaking in. Soundstage is exeptional with almost every material. Bass can be boomy, but i blame that to speaker placement. They are only 17" away from the back wall. E-mail me if you have more questions.

Very nicely done! Congratulations.
Hi Dragan; beautiful work and teriffic looking speakers-- you have a right to be proud. Did you build these from plans or a kit?, or is this all your original work? Thanks for posting on your project speakers. PS: I'm also impressed with your web site showing them. Cheers. Craig
Thanks guys! is the link i got the plan from. Certain things were changed as i explained above.
Well done. Can't believe it's a first project!
Did you get the specs somewhere?
Impressive. Get some HUGE ribbons and build some planars willya? Great job, Jeff
Impressive! Yeah, something about that 17". I'm there too with my speakers!
"A do-it-yourself speaker project by Thorsten Loesch."

Need I say more?
I should have known Thorston was at the bottom of this.

I remain,
A really beautiful job Eldragon! I hope you will post comments in the weeks ahead as to how these sound when broken in.

Two questions, if you had it to do over again would you? And would you make any changes from the product we see today?

I ask only because I've built several speakers myself, and know from that experience how difficult it is.
Those speakers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us -- and thanks to you and other members for pointing us to Thorsten Loesch's work. I wonder whether the average audiophile would be able to pull off such a feat of implementation. Your artistic background must have helped! What kind of woodworking tools and experience are required for something like this?
Thanks again to all! I used CAD, Radial arm saw, router, orbital sander. And answer to, if i would do it all over again. Probably, but i would also invest more money into the Dynaudio woofers. In that case i would be probably bludgeon to death by my wife.
As long as she doesn't hit you with the speakers!

Kudo's to you Dragan !!! I hope that they are all that you wished for and even more : )

It's always good to see someone willing to get their hands dirty. I can understand your pride in such an accomplishment. It looks like you did a nice job and are now ready for your next project. I'll send you the plans of what i need constructed as soon as possible : ) Sean
Would you be willing to share how many $$ you invested
Just looking for an order of magnitude in $K.