my first analog setup , some advice please

Hello friends.. So here is the story
I recently bought my first ever analog setup , and little over a year ago i started my first hight end stereo system. I bought every component after a lot of reasearch and i’m really happy the way it sounds. So for my analog setup , i got a VERY good deal for a Pro Ject Xtension 9 evolution turn table , Van Den Hul DT II Special cartridge , and Pro Ject Phono Box Rs pre amp. I’m a little skeptical about the phono box, i asked my dealer if he things that i need to get a better phono box , and he said “ not as long as i have the Van Den Hul Dt II Special cartridge “
so.. Quastion
Do i need a better phono box ??
I know many will ask “ does it sound good ?“
and the answer is yes ! and i’m really happy with what i payed , but like i said , i’m new to this and i feel there is a lot of potential for my system..
the rest of my gear
dali euphonia ms5
edge nl10 amp
benchmark dac3 pre amp
ps audio p10 power plant
and all around good wiring


I guess your dealer feels that for the money, you are in a good place. However, it’s weird that he/she didn’t try to upsell you something else. You could ask to loan test the battery power supply for your amp. However, adding that brings you into the $2k area for your Pro-ject RS. Reviews suggest your phono box is a little dark and lacking air. All you need for your VDH is a MC capable phono stage/amp. Look at options in the $2-3k range like Parasound JC3, Gold Note, Chinook, Herron etc. BTW, there is rarely "a VERY good deal."
As you are dealing with a dealer, which is smart in the case of a new analog setup, I would suggest asking him what he feels would make the most improvement in your system.  You might be surprised.  I was once convinced I needed a new amplifier, but my dealer showed me during a demo that the qualities I was looking for were better achieved by a preamp upgrade.  Or you could just ask for a loan of an upgraded phono preamp and try it at home.  
thank you @noromance ! to be more specific i bought everything brand new for 2,800 and thats the price that the turn table sells for. i will look into those phono stage’s ! thanks again 
thank you @chayro , my dealer suggested to  upgrade to the pro ject battery power plant for my phono ! 
Tell the dealer to let you demo a better phono stage at home. You are on the right track with the cartridge and phono stage being your weak links. The rest of the system is very nice. Cheers,
will do !! thank you @sbank 
how about the pro ject xtension 9 evo? is it  decent for the rest of my system ?? don’t give me wrong , i love the way it sounds ,, and i listen some very good digital recordings from my mac and i’m really happy the way my system sounds  sounds ,, i’m only asking because i’m new to the analog world , and just because its vinyl it has that “sweetness” over the digital recordings , wich i love , but i want to know were i’m at with my analog setup and ways to improve it in the future. 
@dimitris7I haven't spent much time listening to that table but recall a dealer telling me that he was frustrated because he liked better than many others he sold in same price range but felt many didn't give it fair consideration. FWIR, it has a nice arm for it's cost.