My first amp purchase

I'm in the process of putting together my first "real" system. I've had Sony gear powering Energy speakers during my college years, but I'm a big boy now and it's time to enter the real world of separates.

I have just purchased the Monitor Audio Gold Reference 60's and other speakers in that line.

Here's my question....

What SS amp should I buy now that will really last for the long haul? My uncle has always told me to save up and buy the best because they will last the longest and sound the best - he's had his lexicon setup forever, and it still sounds amazing. I want to make my amp the next big purchase, because the world of pre amps seems to be changing so quickly. I'm assuming the longer I can put off buying a great pre amp the better the technology will be. In the meantime, I can just get a cheap used pre amp before I move up. THINK AMPS RIGHT NOW GUYS!

The thing is, I don't want to drop $2k now on a great used amp and then some amazing new amp technology comes out in like 5 years that makes what I spent my hard earned money on basically useless. Should I just get a generic integrated unit right now and wait five years or what?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
based on your requirements & the type of music you listen to. There are excellent amps that are newcomers but a lot of people will tell you things haven't changed much, so even an older amp will sound quite excellent. Same goes for pre amps. Your uncle is correct. That's my take on gear too.

Try & listen to as many different combinations as possible & base your comparison on live music to see which setup *does it* for you.

Finally remember it's supposed to be a fun hobby & ultimately let your ears be the deciding factor.
Hi Jason, I hope you find what you are looking for. I was going to give some input, but Driver did it better than I could have. Good hunting.
Hi Jason; Driver gives good advice, and I agree. One route you might consider though is a McCormack DNA amp that should last forever, but is also up-gradable to almost any level anyone could ever want. Steve McCormack @ check this site for up-grade details-- is an excellent designer and very pleasant to work with. I've used his amps for years. Good Luck. Craig
Craig's suggestion re: McCormack is definitely a good starting point; the gear is very affordable & is good quality. The DNA-1 or DNA-2 is nice but get the Deluxe model, a noticable improvement over stock for only a few more $.
Regarding preamp I would absolutely avoid skimping on that piece. Everything downline depends upon a quality signal from the pre, and a cheap pre will also veil the quality of every source component that passes through it. Many hobbiests put the most $ into their preamp which is money well spent. My pre cost considerably more than any of my amps did, even considering used prices.
I would say buy an amp that is in the same realm as your speakers. When you say you want the best that is a pretty bold statement. Krell FPB mono blocks would set you back around 30K. See what I'm getting at? I think the real question is what is the best in your price range. A good place to start IMO would be a phone call to the speaker manufacturer. They have tested your speakers in front of tons of gear. Why not ask them what they recommend. Remember source components, pre-amp and cabling will all play a big roll in the over all sound of your system.
I wouldnt expect leaps and bounds that would leave a well chosen amp in the dust in five years. Some of the best amps out there are from manufacturers that are refining not redesigning their products. What sounds better than a five year old Spectral? OK, I cant afford a five year old Spectral but you get the idea. Get a good deal and you wont lose too much resale, the first buyer has eaten most of the loss already. And dont scrimp on the preamp, I doubt there is some affordable breakthrough just around the corner. Look at CD. It took a while just to make it sound decent.
Used Bryston is a very safe bet, especially with the 20 year warranty.
Odyssey Stratos. See the reviews at Website is Give Klaus a call.
My vote goes for a used Classe CA-200 or CA-300 amp but in your price range (used) there are many to choose from. As for amps becoming obsolete in 5 years, don't count on it. Amps haven't changed all that much in the past decade especially compared to other components like CD players.