My findings on Magico V2.....what now?

Hi guys, I've finally managed to make a 250km trip to audition the Magico V2. The V2's were driven by Soulution 740 preamp and 710 power amp (each costing $40k and highly acclaimed by JV of TAS). The source used was a Soulution 745 disc player. So...the sound was G-R-E-A-T...but I sat there in the auditioning chair like a rock. To my surprise, I found myself unmoved and unstirred. By the 4th CD, I started to get bored. I felt almost none of the wonderful emotions I got when I auditioned the Avantgarde Uno G2 driven by Audio Note Meishu SET amp.

Should this experience be conclusive and enough for me to make my decision? Should I explore the V2 with other amps, say, the Pass XA100.5? As great as the Soulution combo is, they sounded sterile to me. And unfortunately the Magico dealer carries only a couple of brands for amps so I can't make any A/B comparison.

I had AP Virgo III's and because of the price difference between the Virgo's and Sophia II's it's an unfair comparison.

My wife wanted the Sophia II's after she heard them, so I will provide you her comments, "Wow, they sound live compared to our speakers at home."

The Sophia II's are significantly more dynamic, better seperation of instuments, more air, and overall more realistic tonality of instruments and voices. Much better/more articulate bass, even though I had a Martin Logan Depth i with the AP Virgo's.
Hi Jtein,

I'm Eisubius from Malaysia, Kedah, Kulim.
Was seaching the internet for info on Soulution and Magico cos a friend already purchased the Soulution, pre, power and he seems to love it, and now is considering buying the Magico M5. I have heard the Magico at the hifi show but cant recall having heard the Soulutions. You may be right in your feeling detached emotionally from its presentation.

What I'm more keen to know is, what were the titles of the 4 cds you used for auditioning?

Have you purchased anything by the way? I'm very familiar with the Meishu/Avantgarde sound. Very lively and sound live a celebration of music!! Have heard those horns with higher model AN amps too. Ultimately, very imbalanced and coloured, but very very thrilling.

My hp number is, 0125558196.
Why  are folks talking about Thiel’s ? Jim Thiel passed away in 2009. In 2012 the company ceased to exist.
NEVER buy based on anticipated improvements with "burn in". If unmoved at a demo, you buy the speaker at your risk of long term dissatisfaction.  Applies to any speaker. 
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