My Esoteric P-05 '' eat '' my new Beatles disc

I am not kidding and in the 24 years I have owned digital products - this is the first !!!! I put my new Beatles Remastered Revolver disc in - played fine - sounds great - went to take it out it was stuck to the clamp - opened and closed it and I heard the disc slid to the back of the player !!! No S_ _ _ _ ! I gently picked the player up and I can hear the disc rolling back and forth inside the player !!!! Okay - put another disc in and it is playing fine.....not happy as it was a new disc - but it was The Beatles...what the hell do I do now ???? Just leave it in there ????? .....
If the player is still under warranty then you will have to take it to the dealer, or return it to the manufacturer. If it is not under warranty, and the case does not have screws or fasteners with a proprietary head, unplug the machine, then carefully remove the top of the player and retrieve your CD. Remember that removing those screws and taking off the top of the player, by yourself or someone else who is not authorized, while under warranty, will void the warranty. That is why I advised that if it is under warranty you will have to take it in.
Boy, that sucks. What a PITA.
Any manufacturer that would void a warranty for removing a top cover to remove the cd is a company looking to lose a customer. I had a similar thing happen with a Cambridge player that had an odd fastener. I just called up the Cambridge service dept. and asked what the fastener size was and if it was ok to remove the cd mat myself. They were totally accommodating, told me what I needed to know and said go for it. I had to order a special little screwdriver from, but it sure beat having to send the player back for service.
I would contact Esoteric. Tell them exactly what happened and ask them if they would authorize you to open the unit and retrieve the CD. If there is a warranty issue, ask them to make a notation in their computer system of this anomaly and that the disc rescue operation was authorized.
This happened to me years ago with an Esoteric X-01 Limited. I disconnected the player, unscrewed the top, and lifted out the disc. No big deal. The disc was, in fact, slightly warped on visual inspection, and it had gotten scratched when it was stuck in the drawer. But the "rescue" was easy.
I had an issue with an Esoteric P-03U in that the ground terminals had become loose and would not tighten down. I called Esoteric Technical Support who walked me through the process of taking of the top and properly fixing the lock washer and grounding bolt assemblies (there are 2). They assured me that taking the top off to fix something simple with their direction would not void my warranty; they were very reasonable and easy to work with (again!).