My ears are ready to retire!

After many many years of owning great audiophile gear, my ears are ready to retire😀. I am in the process of downsizing my home and my audio equipments. I am now looking for a simple, enjoyable, good sounding and maybe all in one system to play mostly digital music. Any recommendations will be very much appreciated. 
NAID M10 Streaming Amplifier would be perfect for someone after digital and all in one good quality and pairs with all kinds of apps (ios/android/mac etc) so you can stream from Tidal and Qobuz.  You can decide what speakers to use but should be relatively easy to match with your new downsized lifestyle.
PSAudio Stellar Strata - just add speakers. 
I guess it all depends on what your listening to, how loud and what the size of your room will be. In my case, I own many different amplifiers and depending on these factors, I will place the best sounding amp that will fit that bill. In my bedroom, I'm using a small amp that I've made a few years ago connected to small Klipsch bookshelf speakers. This set up sounds really good and I have no intention to changing anything. I do own a Naim Nap250, and even thou it sounds great, the small DIY amp sounds better in that situation. I'm using an all tube sett-up in my main listening room, as I find the magic of tubes is hard to beat. But if I had to downsize in order to move into a small place, that set up would have to go. Giving your ears a break would probably mean turning down the volume as well. In that case, may I suggest an amp that sounds good at low volume. That is why I'm using the small DIY amp in my bedroom. It's the one that sounds the best at low volume. Hope this will help.
Been there done that too....burn out. After 50 years of tinkering and excess of $250k spent, i finally settled on a simplified Melody Audio 300b and a home brew el34 system could live with for the rest of my days. I think most people in this hobby will downsize as they see their golden years. Best of luck in your search.
Integrated considerations Belles Aria  $2300.000 and Croft Integrated $1650.00 special or Rega Elicit R $2995.00 available from Gene Rubin Audio in California

There AvaHiFi ( Frank Van Alstine) in Minnesota offers a Set 120 Control Amplifier $1200.00  solid state

Hopes this helps, never heard any of these but I have heard Van Alstine preamp and amps back in 1978 driving Magnepan Tympani 3 panels versus Audio Research tube pre and power the Van Alstine crushed the ARC better control and no silibant S's to be heard.