My Dynavector DV Karet/Ruby stylus is sideways

I have a Dynavector DV Karet/ruby cantilivier. When I am looking through my microscope during set-up alignment, and I watch the stylus set down on the platter, the cantilivier goes sideways and stops as if it is up against something. (It straightens out when running on a record, and the cantilivier angle seems OK.) When I lift the cueing arm back up, the cantilivier straightens out again. The music sounds good except excessive base and lack of highs. When I bought this cartridge I thought it was new, but there were tells that indicated it is not new. If I can determine that it means the cantilivier mounting is broken when it sets down sideways I would know where to go from there. The table and arm are Rega P-25, anti-skating and tracking force are currently set to 1.3 grams. This cartridge is first generation, now 33 years old.
It sounds like either (a) the cartridge's suspension has worn out, or (b) you're applying more tracking force than you think. In either event, the cantilever could collapse under load as you described. Do you have a (reliable) VTF scale or are you just using the dial on the tonearm? Those are notoriously inaccurate on Regas.

The music sounds good except excessive base and lack of highs.
That doesn't sound very "good" to me. Just because a cartridge reproduces something resembling music doesn't mean it sounds good.

If the cartridge is riding low, VTA/SRA will be lower than they should be. Excessive VTF and low SRA can both cause excessive/thick/muddy bass and/or attenuated highs.

1. Reduce anti-skate to zero (for setup purposes).
2. Measure your VTF with a decent scale and adjust if necessary.
3. Reset anti-skating to NOT MORE THAN 1/3 of VTF.
4. Observe results when playing a (non-valuable) LP.

If the symptoms persist, have the cartridge checked by a qualified technician. Odds are it's shot.
Thirty three years old. Of course it is worn out. I was worn out at 33.
Wntrmute2, I recommend reducing your skating and losing some of that downforce. It'll do wonders! ;-)
I deed try to bend the cantilever straigth only once. The first and last time. The next one I posted to Axel and got it back straigth for only 30 euro. Ergo: the more you
mess with the cantilever the bigger chance that you will need the whole retip. Those start by +/-175 euro.
Dear Nandric, "+/-175E". Does this mean that in certain cases, Axel pays you 175E after he fixes your cartridge? (Could not resist, sorry.)
Hardly used, excellent condition ... :-)
Dear Lew, I would like to share your fun but I, alas,don't
understand your remark. My assumption is that something was
wrong with my English phrasing but if I was aware of that
I would phrase differently. If it is about '+/-' sign we in
Europe use this instead of 'about' , 'roughly',etc. That is
to say that Axel's retip prices start by about 175 euro.
For those outside the Union 21% cheaper because they
don't need to pay (21%) VAT. However if Axel ruin some
of my carts I would certainly ask compensation. Say 175 euro.