My Dynavector 10x5 sits too low on the record

My Dynavector 10x5 sits a little too low on the record surface as it glides through the grooves. The tracking force is set at 2.0g which is right in between the recommended range. The stylus does not wobble or anything and it looks to be secured, not loose. Is this normal? I bought this cartridge used from an honest seller who told me he’s only played 10 records on the cartridge. I haven’t really noticed how low the cartridge sits on the records until recently. Does the 10x5 stylus really bend up that much as you lower it onto the vinyl surface? Any input would be appreciated.
Hello Gemini,

Re-visit your entire setup and verify that your VTA is set correctly - that the rear (bearing) end of the tonearm is not too low.

Your starting point should be a headshell mounting surface that is parallel to the record.

If you have any sort of tapered tonearm wand, place a small, parallel sided block on your platter to compare against the under side of your headshell. This will help you from getting confused by all of the funny angles.

If you own a Rega tonearm, you may be in for some grief, because they have limited VTA adjustment (depends on the thickness of the armboard). This, when coupled with the fact that Dynavectors are taller than most cartridges can mean you have your work cut out for you ... or not.

The vast majority of cartridges are within .1mm of 17mm in height - vertical distance from the top (under side of the headshell) to the record surface. Your 10x5 is specified at 18.8mm tall (the XV-1s is a "manly" 21mm tall, BTW).

You can check all of this on the Dynavector site

Thom @ Galibier
Based only on my own 10x5 it's a very low rider.
Your arm is not VTA adjustable, I presume. They can be added to some arms.
Thanks for the replies so far. I' using a VPI Scout with the JMW 9 arm. The arm tube is parallel to the record surface at playback mode and I've spent some time setting the rest up (azimuth, tracking force, etc, etc). I'm just a little unsure if the 10x5 does in fact "ride low". The stylus of my cartridge bends up to the point where you probably wouldn't be able to stack three business cards between the record surface to the underside of the cartridge body where the stylus comes out. This clearance just looks awfully tight. If this is how this cartridge sits, then that's fine. I'm beginning to appreciate its sonics (compared to my Denon 103). Thanks again for your comments.
I have the Exact set up & cartridge and will gladly verify when I get home this evening. From what you stated and from what I have read your stylus is not correct if it's near the postion you quoted.
Yes, 3 business cards is a bit low, but if Valleyplastic responds that his 10X5 is 5 business cards off the deck, then I'd call this within the range of manufacturing tolerance and not worry - as long as you don't scrape and the cartridge sounds good.

I've seen differing samples of the XV-1s ride higher than others, and all of them have wonderful sonics. This is likely due to a linear magnetic structure vis a vis location in the gap.

Thom @ Galibier
OK, I have to agree with Thom and also Kitch29 as being low riders. You have 3 business cards and I would say mine is a good 5. If I had to put a dimension on it I would call it 3/32" of a inch or .100
I have to believe you are good to go, maybe a tad on the low side but I think as Thom mentioned it's likely within tolerance.