My Dynavector 10 X 5 Stylus fell off now what?

Hi guys my analog evening ended up with digital sound cause my DV 10X5 fell off from the cartridge on my rega P5, now I feel lost cause this is my first cartridge ever and I have no much experience with analog, just plug and spin my records but now I will need some advice, please do, thanks to audiogone i can share the nightmare almost at the same time did happen.
thank you all.
You can either send it to Soundsmith to be repaired or buy a new cartridge.
I would look for a used replacement. You should be able to find one at a reasonable price. I've heard that DV does have issues with the stylus. I have the same cartridge but haven't experienced any quality issues yet. Although, last night, I thought it was toast when I accidentally knocked the tonearm across the vinyl. Aside from the piercing screech of the stylus gliding across the LP, a visual inspection under the magnifying lens showed the stylus was still intact without any obvious signs of damage. Good luck. Soundsmith does good work I'm told.
As Stereo5 said above, you can either have it re-built by Soundsmith or buy another cartridge. Your money, your choice.
Either move up to the 20 series, or get another type of cart. 10x5's are garbage. Sound is ok, but a 20 series will last longer than 2 10x5's making it a cheaper buy. The 10x5 cantilevers suck.
Could you tell me if the repaired cartridge will sound the same, or what is the best move cause I don't have lots of money to be experimenting at this time, really appreciate inputs.
Gotta watch them IPA's when your spinning licorice pizza Steve!
I wouldn't exactly call the 10X5 garbage, but I do agree that this may be a good time to look at a 20X or something else like a Ortophon Black. Yes, it is money, but, go ahead, live a little. Maybe you are lucky, forced to upgrade against your will. It's only pennies a play. If money is really tight right now though, the Audio Technica 150MLX which is discounted on the 'net might fill in nicely. Don't let the low price fool you, it's the real deal.
More Audiogon folderol. Those who say that the only choices are Soundsmith, or a new cartridge are, as usual, wrong. There is another excellent retipper in the Pacific Northwest:

Good luck with the hunt!
There is another excellent retipper in the Pacific Northwest:


I have had a cartridge suspension repaired and a friend of mine has had two cartridges retipped by Andy. All we good experiences and I would recommend Andy.
Mountainsong- I would switch back to 1st gear here. Do you like the sound of the 10X5. If so, I believe you can get credit toward another 10X5 or 20X w/ your cart. Needledoctor says $680 for a 20X with a DV trade. I believe your dealer can also do this for you. That said, the Soundsmith does excellent work. They are very professional, and great to work with.
Soundsmith does do great work. Just had my 10x5 retipped last summer. I went for the $250 upgrade rebuild. It sounds better IMHO, fuller bass and more delicate highs while maintaining the mids that the 10x5 is noted for.
I was lucky enouhg to find a brand new DV 10x5 around where i currently live, guy was asking $380 i got it for $320 pick up!
i installed myself in the same spot the other was, i dont hace tools to measure alignment but it sounds right to me.
I have to see what i going to do with the broken one.
Regards to you all.
Mountainsong "i installed myself in the same spot the other was, i dont hace tools to measure alignment"

Spend $50 and buy a protractor ""