My “Dream” system needs a preamp

Ok, this is a recent decision to build a two channel Dream system. Im leaning towards Magnapan 1.7i’s, a Denon DP59L and possibly a Krell type KSA250 solidstate class A........

i really liked a few preamps in the past from GoldenTube, AudibleIllusions, CounterPoint.....but its been years. My guess all these would fetch $2.5K or below on the used market, so align new gear suggestions at this price, my guess an outboard mm/mc preamp

your thoughts to my analog dream
I'd talk to Don Sachs about him building you one of his SP14 preamps.  At your price you could get one new with some nice upgrades I'd think.  Backert also makes nice preamps in that price range.  Best of luck. 
i am thinking tubes,the DonSachs preamp looks like an option.....

that Ayre is sweet, like 4K used, but it does include a mm/mc phono stage, my guess same caliber as the preamp, i really hope i can pull this off :0)
DonSachs or Linear Tube Audio are excellent choices.
I can strongly recommend Supratek.