My Dream SubWoofer - does it exist?

After much research with the help of other Agon'rs, I have developed a short list of demands for my new sub:
real cherry or rosewood vaneer
downward firing driver (I don't like speaker grills)
constantly variable gain
constantly variable low-pass crossover
constantly variable phase adjustment
low-level, unbalanced inputs
low-level, unbalanced outputs, high-pass crossover at 80Hz
minimum 200W amp
speaker terminal inputs
minimum 10" driver size
Does this sub even exist? I can't find it anywhere, has anyone else seen anything like this?
Couldn't you buy any downward firing sub and use a Bryston 10b sub crossover and do this?
Or a downward firing sub with a Velodyne SMS-1.

I'm sure you could supply your specifications & get someone to make a one of a kind.
Holy cow! $3000 for an external crossover is a bit much considering I am only running B&W 685s...I should have mentioned that...
Have you looked at the newer REL subs?

I have looked at the REL lines. None of them on the current website have crossed over output jacks. I did find an Epos ELS sub on audio advisor for $679 that showed a variable high-pass crossover knob, set above the unbalanced input/output jacks. This would seem to offer unprecedented ability to integrate with my bookshelf speakers, but I cannot find anything about the sub on Epos website - does anyone own this sub? I think it has been discontinued. It has a forward firing driver, but this is the first time I have seen a constantly variable high-pass crossover adjustment on a powered sub. Most of the high-pass crossovers are set at 80Hz or 120Hz.
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I'll bet that Tyler Acoustics could make you one per your request. Give Tyler a call.
I use an NHT x-2 for high pass and an SMS-1 for low pass and digital room correction (DRC). Only the NHT is in the main signal path and I find it undetectable by ear - although YMMV on that one. The combo works very, very well (and, as mentioned, it also adds DRC for the subwoofer which IMHO is probably the most important benefit of all). It is actually pretty reasonable in price (as high end stuff goes) at app. $750 for the combo - plus the cost of sub(s). I suspect that my dream subwoofer (other than downward firing) was pretty similar to yours. I added a pair of very nice 10" Rythmiks and couldn't be happier. So, you see, dreams can come true.

Good Luck

I should add that the choice of actual subwoofer is IMHO less critical. The least expensive downward firing SVS cylinder is (or was, on closeout) IIRC about $500 to $600, and I'd wager that it's a good performer - all of their products test amazingly well for their price tags. I'm sure that there are other good choices in this price range as well. At a total cost of app. $1250 - $1350 this combo (SVS/NHT X-2/Velodyne SMS), I suspect that this combo will meet your needs and then some.