My Dog Broke-in My New Purist Audio Bi-Wired Cables

My Dog Broke-in My New Purist Audio Bi-Wired Cables.

I waited 6 weeks and they finally arrived so I hooked them up and turned on the system and I went to the store .

I actually remember telling my Hound to be Good and that I was testing her for the 1st. time in the house completely unsupervised.

Bad idea.

She went straight to the cables and removed the cables from their binding posts and chewed the dollars completely out of the cables.

Lesson learned for about $3800.00 so it could have been a lot worse but I was very disappointed to say the least.

Now I am worried about my HD800 S series with the 3 pin Cardas Clear upgrade.  


PS- Purist cables actually leak!
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I am sorry for your loss 😩 Lesson learned I guess. How much you want for the dog???
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The dog did not do it.

I snuck in with my pet chupacabra and had him chew your expensive wires.

Why you ask?

I recently stopped smoking and doing so seemed to help a teeny tiny little bit.

Did they improve his bark? Sorry couldn't resist. Have you checked with your homeowners policy, maybe they are covered under a "catastrophic" er ah dogastrophic loss. Worth a phone call.
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My dog chewed and I was successful in claiming it was a one off. A series of events are not covered I was told.

I feel for those who are passionate about audio, then find that their beloved pet has assaulted the system! That's a "no win" in my book. Do you give the dog away, or the system? ;)

So, Purist cables leak, eh? Hmmm... I wonder if they are using a liquid conductor, or dielectric. Please shed more light on this. Does the cable have a solid conductor yet intact? Or, was the liquid the conductor? 

Just buy another one, Love the dog, it's the audiophile fault, the dog is thirsty and hungry, he is angry you use all the money on the cable,, 
Don't think this is covered by Purist warranty give Fido a dog treat.Good luck!!
can they be re-terminated?
Purist uses a liquid as the damping material with a combination of either copper/silver or gold added for the conductor. The cable needs to be sent to Purist to be refilled and sealed, then terminated.

These cables don't leak (unless a dog chews on them).
Ah, damping, ok.