My dog ate my homework, um, I mean speakerwire....

I had eight cables, 4 poitive and 4 negative, she ate 1 negative wire. Chewed in half actually. If I still use the separate positive wires and make jumpers for the negative(signal return wire?) will I still get the biwire effect? Aaaaarrrrgghhh!
When I was in college, my speaker wire (and budget) were too short. I couldn't do anything about the budget. But what I did for the speaker wire was to take two short pieces of wire, strip them back and hand twist the braids together to make one longer wire. I then covered the repair with masking tape (Yes, you read that correctly). It worked fine with no audible difference. Of course, that may be more a commentary on the quality of my system at the time than a credit to ingenuity. I'm sure that if you spliced or soldered the wire together, it would work fine for you too as a stop gap until you can replace it. However, there will no doubt be a number of people who will be appalled at the suggestion. I can't wait to read their comments.
I guess it was the wire to the woofer.
Dolfan send me Faith (Dolfan dog name)for a week.You know
what I mean bro? I dont know if there is a fix on the
wire, except use it as jumper.Viridian make a good point.
Cats go for the wire to the tweeter.
Viridian, You are barking up the wrong tree!

Jacytoy, Faith stays! You want me to send my rig?

Zaikesman, Thanks for the cat advice. Is this the animal forum?

Markphd, Thanks for a doctors perspective!

I'm using a Speltz cable the same length on the woofer negative side until I can find another cable. Thanks for the chuckles!