My DIY JMLab Utopia clone in progress


Would like to share with everyone my JMLab Utopia clones in progress. It is only 1/2 complete, but the shape is there.


I tried but cant get in.Can you forward it to me please??
Hmm.. maybe my provider went down...

anyways, here's a direct link to my Utopia clone and you can take it from there!
This probably the 'bravest' DIY atempt, i've ever seen!
Good Luck Bond. Mr. Bond.
CAUTION! This man is absolutely crazy.
And i know what i say!
Those things use expensive Focal drivers, don't they? I've heard that you can't purchase the exact driver that the Utopia uses, only something close. Is this true?
Yeah, Focal offers drivers that are close to the Utopia Speaker line. If you take a look at the Audioom 6W and the Utopia 6 1/2 inch, they look the same. The Focal Audiom/Utopia drivers use the Utopia "W" technology and I've been told by several retailers that the drivers use the same materials and technology. They said specs may not be the same, but close enough. If you check out focal's website (car components), they even said that you'll get the same qualities as found in the Grande Utopia (under the Focal Utopia driver line)

Also, the material in the ATLR tweeter are the same material in the Utopia Speaker line tweeter.

Yes, you're right as far as I know.