My DIY 300B amp

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share my DIY 300B tube amp.

If you're interested in DIY speakers, check out my JMLab Utopia clones in progress.

Feel free to take a look:


God bless you for sharing your trials and tribulations with us. Currently, I am building a solid state amp, because my intestinal fortitude just wasn't there to try tubes. I do intend to make the plunge and I hope the occassional e-mail from me won't offend you and you might be kind enough to even answering me. A great site!

No problem. Email me directly (my email address is posted everywhere on my site. :-)

I like to get feedback and share ideas anytime (or whenever I have the time).
Hey dude!
is this y you've disappeared for several months and not answering your phone?
8 )