My Daughter changed my Subwoofer settings!


I have a Martin Logan Decent i Subwoofer which is a part of a 5.1 system. The Subwoofer is parked in the back right corner of the living room against 2 walls adjacent to my sitting area.

My daughter , opened up the control panel and changed all of the settings. I need help setting things back to as close to default as possible.

I wish I could post a picture of what this panel looks like but it includes the following controls: (25Hz , 50Hz , Phase , Low Pass Filter , High Pass Filter Out) and can be easily found online.

Kind Regards!
Um, depends actually on your processor.  What are you using, and how did you calibrate the sub?

Usually, with fancy shmancy HT processors, you want the subwoofer to be "out of the way" of the HT settings. For that you can find instructions in the manual.


It is just plugged into a Pioneer Elite Sc-07 Receiver. I know your suggestions won't be a perfect match for my situation but I just want to be as close to a neutral setting for movie watching as possible. I would refer to the manual but there is no guidance on default settings. To be clear, this Subwoofer control panel is just a bunch of knobs in top of the Subwoofer.
Refer to your receiver's manual then. :) It has built in room correction, and will need to be re-calibrated.  Set the Low Pass filter to as high a Hz as you can, and let the receiver do the rest.


25Hz - 0
50Hz - 0
Phase - 180, since it is located in the back of the room
Low Pass Filter - doesn't matter since you are likely using the LFE input and it is bypassed, but I would still set as high as possible like Erik said.
High Pass Filter Out - also doesn't matter, so just set it to none.

Now run the auto setup in the receiver using the microphone as Erik suggested.

I addition to the above recommendations... on my Depth i's, there are very accurate printed control settings on the back of the removable top plate. A mini manual.

Let us know how things go.
Phase is highly distance and crossover dependent. No reason to invert it as a default. Also, receivers may correct for distance, making a paper and pencil calculation of phase irrelevant.


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Which is why, once I was finally set on optimal adjustments, I took a picture of each sub's knobs so in the future, if for some reason they get knocked about, I could at least get somewhat close to what they were set.
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