My Comments, Tara Labs Temporal Continuum Cables.

I was using the Tara Labs RSC master Gen 1 speaker cables.
I thought these were really good. Unfortunately, something fell on one of them and I was going to get them repaired. My friend has the Temporal Contiuum speaker cables. These were Tara Labs top of the line cables in the early 90s. They listed for 500 dollars. There very wide.
My friend let me try them. Holy Moly are these cables amazing. They are so much better then the RSC master Gen. 1. I could tell instantly, my speakers had a larger soundstage and the bass was much fuller.

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Hmmmmm....thanks for the info & good to hear that you are enjoying them! So, are these flat ribbon like cables?? Copper or Silver?

I'm a TARA Labs user myself as I have the Master Gen II interconnect & speaker cables. I really love them.

I think that the worst part of the TARA Labs website is that they do NOT have a link to their older cables so people are quite illiterate & misinformed about the same. Maybe us TARA Labs users should try to persuade the co. to change this? I have the Temporal Continuum cables for sale but never knew much about them & so had no idea what kind of perf. to expect from them.