My comment on CD players vs. Universal DVD players

I have done a lot of soul searching, review reading, and looking at new/used gear to determine what to do on the issue of stand alond CDP vs. Universal player.

I bought the Oppo DV970HD universal(DVD) player 3/4 of a year ago as an interm player, after I sold my Cary CD308 and basic Panisonic DVD player.

I considered a DAC for the Oppo to improve cd playback. I considered a high-end universal for good movie and music, but decided on neither as follows:

I bought a very good CDP and I'm keeping the Oppo for movies. With BlueRay/HD around the next corner, I figured these hi-rez formats are taking over for movies. A good universal player to listen to cd's didn't make much sence to me (unless you have a lot of SACDs and DVDs) just to have cd playback. I don't own any DVDs or SACDs, as I'm just a renter of movies, but I do own quite a few cd's.

Therfore a good CDP is the best investment for music for me.

I will someday get a 1080P plasma and Blue Ray for movies. Any player that upconverts above DVD's native resolution is just smole and mirrors anyway (maybe good smoke and mirrors though).

I feel at peace with my decision to stay with a good CD player, and I'm loving it. It loads fast and doesn't act like a DVD player.

These are just my thoughts, and it works for me. YMMV
If CDs are your primary/exclusive media source, I think you have made a wise choice. A good CD Player will hold it's value, because we all have lots of CDs and they will always be in relative demand. If your collection/approach changes down the road, you'll be able to make a fiscally efficient swap here on Audiogon. I agree that buying an expensive hi-res player now is iffy given the unknown future of SACD and DVD-A formats and what may or may not materialize with Blu-Ray.

Personally, I have several SACD and DVD-A titles as well as a desire to have a file (flac) based solution, so an inexpensive universal and versatile DAC is what I'm assembling.

Happy listening!
I'm with you nearly all of my listening is to cd's and I love my dedicated player! If I ever move on it will almost surely be to another cd player, barring some radical acceleration in technology. I'm a very late adopter.
I am primarily a 2 channel listener. I had a Mark Levinson ML36/37 combination until I tried a Denon 5910 Exemplar modified unit. As a 20 year loyal fan of Mark Levinson, I had to admit that the Denon blew it away with a larger sound stage and more natural sound. Less space taken up and fewer cables, it has worked out great...that is until Blue-Ray takes over.