My CD drawer won't open please help ?

I have an intermitten problem w/my transport's drawer it won't open, from the remote nor the unit. I opened it up and every thing looks OK, but what do I know. I slabbed some grease on the rails and it opened again now it won't work :-( I even tried the old fashioned giving it a whack still the same problem. Of course I am leery about getting ripped off by techs with their inflated repair bills. Anyone experinced the same thing before? please share your thoughts and ideas
Thank you

I personally would play it for awhile with the top off and when it refuses to open you can see what is up with the gizmos. My guess is the CD upper holder is not releasing properly... or it's sticking to the CD? and dropping it skewed in the drawer so it can't open.... The motor may have a "weak" position that coincides with the closed position. (I'd try adjusting the motor gear to be 180 degrees from original gear position) A switch in the tray mechanism of the unit may be malfunctioning... Once on my Rotel I goofed up the drawer, and pushing it out from the inside without using the drawer motor... fixed it back to perfect. These are all the ideas I have.
My denon has a belt and it gets loose. I have to get a new belt and then all is fine. Chris
I fixed a similar problem by cleaning the drive belt with a non-slip fluid for rubber parts, like belts and idler wheels, purchased at Radio Shack (isopropyl might work if you find the stuff's unavailable). The faulty player used a rubber belt to drive the gears for the drawer mechanism, and it was slipping due to contamination or age. Solvent cleaning restored its grip. I hope your problem is that easily remedied. Good luck.
Could just be slipping belt or loose spindle pulley(loose grub screw)that holds tension.
I once had a unit do the same thing. The rails that the drawer rides on had gotten out of alignment (this was during shipment--so it may be unlikely in your case). I opened the unit, losened the rails and manually opened and closed the drawer to align the rails. Once they were aligned I tighened them down part way--open and closed the drawer via remote and then finished tightening down the rails. It sounds simple, but in actuality it took me about 3 times to get it right. Once I got it right the drawer worked very well. Also, I would recommend a teflon based grease--it typically will not wear off. However, if the unit uses delron as the bearing material, no grease can frequently be better than any grease.
I concur with the above responses: It's the drive belt that is used to open the drawer. I have a cheap Yamaha that I use in my bedroom. It displayed the exact same problem. I opened the unit, plugged it in and watched the insides as I pressed the drawer button: everything works...the belt just spins. So...I just happend to have found a robust rubber band that was the same size as the belt, slapped it on, and voila! It has been working fine since.