My Cary 2A3 dilemma 2

First, thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my last post when I fried my Cary amp the first time I hooked it up. It turned out that everyone diagnosed the problem correctly, even the guy that suggested I inserted the 2A3's incorrectly. Turns out I had one of the pins in the wrong place and it blew a rectifier. Luckily I bought this amp on this site from Jeff's Sound Values who fixed it without charge. I offered to pay and they still did it gratis....good people. Lesson learned- Do not hook up stereo equipment after an afternoon of adult beverages.

Anyway, this leads me to my current dilemma. I bought the Cary so that I could experience the tube sound that I have read so much about. I was looking for a more warm and lush sound. The Cary replaces an old Counterpoint SA-12 which I was actually very happy with, especially for a $300 amplifier. I was kind of disappointed when I heard the Cary. The Cary has less detail and dynamics and I might even go so far as to say that the Counterpoint is more "warm". I'm wondering if this is just a mismatch with my speakers. I am using Canton RCL's. Not knowing anything about these speakers, I would appreciate any comments on this possible bad combo given the speakers specs. My Cary is the 15 wpc 2-channel variety, not the monoblocs.

3-ways, bass reflex, impedance: 4...8 ohms, Nominal/Music Power Output: 200/350 watts, Frequency Response: 18...300000 Hz, SPL (1W in 1m): 89 db, Crossover Frequencies: 300/3500 Hz, Woofer: 2 x 220 mm. Midrange: 180 mm, Tweeter: 25 mm

Thanks in advance- Lee
I think your guess is right. The Cantons may need more power, and the ability to drive varying impedences better.

I'm sure many will have strong recommendations for speakers to try, but you may end up finding you won't be happy even with the Cary. Think about how loud you listen, and to what type of music.

If you think it still will be a good fit, I can recommend the Reference 3A MM De Capo's. Easy load, 92db efficient, and no crossover per se. You'll give up bass depth, but that can be added with a sub if needed.

Goodluck with the Cary's; I haven't heard them, but used to own 2A3 (SET) mono's, and they CAN be magical !
You are definitely mismatched. You will need at least 70+ watts to drive a speaker with that many drivers and an amp that is also load tolerant preferably with low impedance taps. You would be best off with an efficient 2-way speaker that has a fairly stable impedance if you wish to use the 2A3 amp, otherwise new amp time.
I think replacing the amp is the most cost-effective alternative at this point. I do not listen to music very loud (past 9 o'clock) in general. My listening room is quite large - 22X25 with 17 foot ceilings. Any ideas on amps under $1,200. Can I still use a tube amp? Also, what does it mean to be load tolerant? Thanks.
Bennett, you are giving up too quick. The cantons are horribly mismatched to the Cary. Besides, the cary deserves better speakers. Rather than dumping the Cary, consider taking the $ and getting some Coincident speakers.

Regardless, good luck.