My Cartridge needs a new Stylus

Hi Guys, I need to get my stylus replaced on my Supex cartridge and have a question. At this time the cartridge has a Boron Pipe cantilever, The company I decided to do the rebuild, I read good things about, they cannot do the Boron Pipe but can do an aluminum or a sapphire cantilever. My question is, does anyone know if there would be any or what the difference would be in the sound between the cantilevers.

It will most likely sound different, but unless someone has direct experience, I'm not sure if anyone could predict if it would be an improvement or not.
Thank you Swampwalker, I am asking to see if it would be worth the extra money between the aluminum and the sapphire. I am not in a hurry so I will wait for a while and see if anyone had any experience with what I asked.
Thanks Again

I just purchased an old Nakamichi MC 1000 which is recently

(30/03/16 ) re-tipped by Expert Stylus&Certridge Co, with

Paratrace stylus in the existing beryllium cantilever. According

to the bill the re-tip includes examination of the coils  and suspension

as well the removal of magnetic particles around the coil former.

The work is perfectly done but the price was 268 GBP. The boron

pipe is similar to  the beryllium pipe and both are superiour to other

kinds of cantilevers ( see Fleib about cantilevers in the MM


Thank you Nandric,
      That is what I was looking for, to see if it was possible to use my existing Boron pipe. I looked at the tip of the cantilever with a stylus scope and it looks good to me but I am not an expert. After all the years I had the cartridge it was time for a rebuild anyway.

Thefile, I agree with Nandric. The boron pipe can not be replaced with its equal, and any substitute will most likely be inferior.

It might cost more money to retain the original cantilever and have it retipped rather than a rebuild which replaces it. If you wish to retain the original performance, have the same type (as original) stylus as a replacement. This is one area where I would consider an upgrade. If it had an elliptical tip I would consider a line contact or micro, but I'm not familiar with your Supex to make such a recommendation.


Thank you Fleib, I am going to ask about using my Boron pipe. I have owned many cartridges in my time and I just got lucky with this Supex, cartridges that cost 3 and 4 times as much. Just so you know the Supex line was made by Sumiko.  Nandric had mentioned to check your thread on cantilevers but I cannot find it, is there any way you can put in a link so I can read it, I would be interested. 
Boron's pretty hard to beat, I would think. Its atomic number is 5, making it lighter than oxygen (8) of aluminum (13). I've never had a sapphire cantilever, but I've been enjoying the boron cantilever on my AT150MLX for eight years now.
Axel Schurholz in Germany repaired my Technics EPC-100c mk3, new boron cantilever is no problem for him if you don’t mind boron rod instead of boron pipe. He use Nagaoka boron cantilevers as far as i know.

Look at this picture of the new elliptical tip on boron cantilever of my Technics EPC-100CMK3 (retipped by Axel). Sounds great!

I’ve owned two cartridges with sapphire cantilevers: ADC Astrion (i wasn’t impressed at all) and Argent MC500HS (high output MC which i like a lot!).

Nothing wrong with alluminum cantilevers if the nude well polished diamond pressure fitted like this Denon 107 i have sent to a friend.

It’s all about the balance, not the material used in cantilever alone. You can lose the magic of your cartridge replacing cantilever from alluminum to boron or sapphire. Some of the vintage cartridges with alluminum cantilevers sounds amazing in original form.


         This was very interesting,  Thank You

Thefile, Actually Supex was probably distributed by Sumiko. It was the predecessor to the Koetsu line.

The cantilever info Nandric was referring to is buried somewhere in the MM thread, the one with 12K + posts. A tube cantilever is more rigid than a rod if the diameter of the tube is larger than the cross section of the rod. Boron tubes are no longer made.  Sometimes performance is degraded with a substitute, although I don't know if this is the case with your cart.

I don't think you could go wrong with a retip without a new cantilever. The only question would be stylus type.


Dear @thefile : Boron pipe?, has no substitute. The boron rod is really diferent, today exist no more boron pipe cantilevers. Beryllium is diferent too.

Now, what you need is only a stylus change using the boron pipe cantilever on your cartridge. Here who can help you about:  

Regards and enjoy the music,