My brain hurts, tube integrated with RC and phono?

G'day fellow 'Goners,

I'm having some issues with space in my home office system, too many source components and not enough room on my rack. The current set up:

-Oracle Alexandria turntable, MMT arm, Grado Platinum cartridge
-Atlantic Reference series 5-shelf stand (mahogany)
-YBA CD Integre CD player
-Pioneer 9500 II tuner
-Nakamichi RX-202 Cassette Deck
-Classe Audio Model Thirty preamplifier (with phono stage and remote)
-Classe Audio DR-8 amplifier
-Martin Logan Aerius bi-wire speakers

My office is about 12 by 14 and treated with Roomtunes. I listen almost exclusively to rock on this system and don't want to get rid of any of my source components. So I figure to make room I'm better off selling my Classe amp and preamp and going to an integrated. Great opportunity to add tubes to this set up.

I did some homework, it's damned near impossible to find a tube integrated around $2k (used) that has a remote control (need this for when the phone rings) and a phono stage. I'd love to pick up the BAT 300 but haven't won the lotto in ages. The culprits I've looked into include Jadis, Jolida, Antique Sound, and Rogue. The Rogue Tempest has a remote (volume up/down) and an optional phono stage so it's a strong contender even if the remote is a bit of a joke.

Any ideas or opinions? Thanks, Jeff
I would have a hard time getting rid of the pieces you questioned. I'd take the cassette deck out. They really don't sound that good. I liked my RX 505 but it ultimately wasn't worth what I paid, and the space it took up on the rack. Cassettes are okay for in the car, but you deserve better in the office!
I've seen a couple of VAC Avatars in the 1.6-1.8k range. They have remotes and phono stages. I'd consider one myself, but I'm into separates right now.

Just out of curiosity, is there any any reason that you want to go to a tube system if you primarily listen to rock? In my experience, rock rocks much more rockingly with a good SS set up, especially if you're talking about contemporary stuff.

Anyway, good luck!
Second to Crazy4blues since I actually have a VAC Avatar. It's a great tube amp and you should definitely check it out. After much research, I finally decided on this one and love it. Then again, my musical preference is more classical/jazz/vocal. You can pick one up used at around $2k +/- $200. Other tube integrated that you may want to consider:

Manley Stingray: of all tube integrated with your price range, this one seems to fit your needs. Sonically, it's not as lush/warm/romatic as other tube amps (i.e. great for rock). Size-wise, it's not too big and should fit in your rack. You can pick up a used one here around $1k or so.

Conrad Johnson CAV50: great sounding tube amp, but not necessary your taste though since it's pretty warm and romatic. Check it out nonetheless. You can get one used for around $1,400.

For a "tube-like" sound solid state, you can also check out the Classe CAP 151 (since you are also a Classe fan). Heard a lot of good things about it and you can pick one up at around $1,400.

Or a Musical Fidelity A3.2 or A300. Both good choice at around $1k used.

Happy Auditioning.