My Boston Acoustics Radio stopped working

The AM section on my Boston Acoustics Receptor clock AM/FM radio stopped working (no sound) and the FM section works fine. The clock radio is very old and probably not worth fixing. Most likely, any needed parts are not available. I called Boston Acoustics and am waiting for them to call. Their customer service seems to be slow (?).

Any recommendations for a high quality clock AM/FM radio? Internet connectivity and/or Bluetooth are okay but not required.

The C. Crane CCRadio 3 AM/FM looks interesting. Does anyone have other clock AM/FM radios I should look at?

The Sangean RCR-20 FM-RDS (RBDS) AM/Bluetooth/Aux-in/USB Phone Charging Digital Tuning Clock Radio with Battery Backup looks possible.

wow I also have an old Boston acoustic clock radio same one,  the buttons are starting to not work, shame its a great little radio I understand how you feel. Mines been a great companion to wake up to for decades lol. little gray beast with surprizing bass from that little box. there is small transmission line inside if you didn't know.  

The clock radios i've been looking at to replace mine are the Tivoli models they sound really good as well and come in both mono and stereo, also they come in various models with options like streaming, CD players, radio of course etc.  The sound quality is very good for the size.

Yamaha also has a few that are quite nice sounding.
I actually have the Sangean WR-16 that I bought for the wife as she wanted Bluetooth and a phone charging port and this fitted the bill fine.
Works just fine and sounds pretty good on our local FM stations to me.
About $80 on Amazon or eBay.
@three_easy_payments, Thank you for your suggestion above.  I originally purchased 2 Boston Acoustics Receptor clock radios.  The first radio stopped working about five years ago and the 2nd radio also stopped working.  I prefer not to buy a 3rd Boston Acoustics Receptor clock radio.   

As posted above, the Sangean clock radios look very interesting.  Thanks for this suggestion.  

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Sangean makes outstanding radios. I own two tabletop analog models and they are better than previous brands that I have owned including Tivoli Audio!