My Best Shipping Experience

I recently had a pair of Apogee Duetta Signature speakers delivered by Vintage Transport. They are also known as Smallmoves. This delivery was from Northern California to South Florida. The speakers arrived without a mark, and the deliverymen hand carried them into my listening room. Their website,, may or may not be up at all times. Their telephone number is 800-333-0056.

The service is costly, and they are not real fast. However, the service is well worth the charge if you are shipping an expensive or hard to find component. I don't intend to sound snide, but my experience with UPS and Fedex has taught me that those who ship delicate items with them are senseless risktakers. Smallmoves is an alternative.

I have no connection with the company.
watkins trucking.
got my Thiel to Kentucky from NY and back without a problem.
Strapped upright on a pallet.
Thiel provided me with a new speaker box and when I get the speaker back there wasnt a dent or scratch on the new box.
You are both very lucky. I purchased a pair of demo Kharma's that the dealer shipped by BAX. One of the speakers was damaged because BAX allowed it to bounce around in their truck. They have refused to pay the total repair cost - offering only half after two months of negotiations. These people (BAX) make UPS/FEDEX look like angels. The dealer has cancelled their acount with BAX and is refusing all shipments from BAX.
I just bought a very heavy diy tube amp off of ebay that was shipped 3000 miles to me from the west coast. As the delivery man was carrying it to the door I noticed the bottom of the box was splitting open down the middle and the amp was ready to fall out.

I got it inside and noticed the box was 4 times the size of the amp, there was very little stryrofoam inside and the 3 tubes, (2xKT88's + 12au7) were loose around the inside of the box. The best part of all - everything worked and the tubes worked just fine! I couldn't believe it.
BAX delivered a pair of Meadowlark Audio Osprey speakers across country to my home without a problem. They were in the original boxes, strapped to a pallet. The driver helped lug them into my home from across the street where he parked.
My best shipping experience was a trip on the Lurline to Hawaii with my Grandmother. I was 13 and she had no one else to go with so I went shipping with her.
Came back in one piece and had a great suntan to show for it.
Mine is shipping my soundlab m2's from a audiogoner in federal way washington state to new jersey using united van lines;no problems at all for $390.00; this was before gas prices got high and surcharges like we have now.