My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music

 Its like love and sex go with women. A good system makes the experience better. A great woman makes the experience better too! They both go together great!
I wish the OP would clarify.  It appears that he is comparing listening to music on a good system as akin to sex with a good woman.  At face value that's a pretty idiotic statement, but then again, maybe that's not what he meant.  I like listening to really good music, well reproduced, but it ain't even vaguely similar to making love.  A deep, well defined soundstage with shimmering highs and explosive lows just ain't WAP.
They do and a good piece of music recorded well is like finding that special woman as well as the special system to play it on that rush you get is very similar.
I guess Blueranger is trying to say we are so caught up in tech, cosmetics and specs. we miss the artistry of the music or as mastering92 puts it we tend to lose sight of the goal.  I apologize Blueranger for those in this discussion who feel that you are an idiot you are not.
Then lawl it is mastering92.

cd318, can't argue with that. It's why Howard Johnson made 28 flavors.
The trick is to find a mate who likes sex at the same level you do and darn did I get lucky in that regard:-)
If I were to rephrase blueranger’s op, i would say we can approach our lives transactionally or relationally. For me, music in the background is transactional; low res music is transactional; focussing on acquiring the equipment is transactional. On the other hand, when I listen deeply, it is thrilling and sometimes even transformative.

Humans have physical needs, and we can get those needs met transactionally, without much depth to the experience. We can also get our needs met in a more  immersive way (an encompassing sound stage if you will). Some folks of all genders are satisfied getting their needs met in a sort of background music manner—and others are only satisfied when everything lines up just so. 
I suspect most of us are a mix, and our relationship to our equipment can be similarly mixed. 
See how much more concise blueranger is than me!!