my beautiful table isn't behaving after our move

i am the happy owner of a sonographie sg-3 turntable w/grado cartridge and a luxman amp r-3045. oh and some niles indoor/outdoor speakers. normally i use the system to listen to 2 things: digital downloads/movies and vinyl. my usual setup is monster ipod cable into the aux, phono cables into phono, and it's all fine. but now, the phono seems like it's just not connecting. i can "hear" the music coming from the player (it spins, seems balanced, needle makes contact, faint sounds coming forth) but it's not getting through to the speakers somehow.

anyone want to help this newbie out? i feel like the solution is right in front of me but i keep going around in circles.

my materials to work with are:
radioshack a/v selector
a spare LR-to-LR cable

Sounds like a loose lead wire on the cartridge ........
Somehow you are not getting a voltage signal from your turntable/cartridge to your preamp, or there is a problem somewhere else inside your system. Have you tried using a CD player or FM tuner or tape player or some other source to see if you get sound from your speakers? If it is the turntable, did you check connections to your cartridge and to your preamp? It could be that the cartridge died. You are hearing the sound of the needle in the record, which is an analog of the voltage your cartridge puts out, hence the name "analog". You need to isolate which piece of equipment is not working.
1.Check your connections at the cartridge.
2. Remove all connections from the amp and make sure you are connecting everything where they should be connected to. Sometimes in our haste, we don't pay close attention when reconnecting.
1. (this should be #1) Slow down!
Let us know what happens.
definitely not a loose cartridge lead in that both channels are out. It's not likely the cartridge is at fault either. Time to work backwards from the spekers and make sure each item is working. Does the system work with another source? If so it is not the spekaers or amp although it may be within the switching. When using the turntable do you get any hiss or other noise from the speakers when you turn the volume all the way up? If so it is not in the phono preamp or switching. Check all cables and switches to make sure they are connected sufficiently, in the right places, and that the selector switch is switched to the correct position.
I wonder if there is a cable connection in the arm that is not making contact. What arm do you have on the table? Is there a connection at the bottom of the arm?



I agree that all the cable connections should be verified, especially the phono cables where they plug into the receiver -- make sure they are plugged into the appropriate sockets.

The only other thing I would check is the "Monitor" button on the receiver. It should be out, not in. I believe this button, when in, serves to play whatever is plugged in to the "Aux" sockets. In the old days this would have been a tape player whose output could be monitored by using this button. (This way, you could have played a record with your source selector knob turned to phono mm or mc, and you could check to see how well it had been recorded on the tape by pressing the monitor button.) Since your iPod is plugged into the Aux inputs, it would appear to be working when the Monitor button is pushed in while the turntable would appear not to be working.

The alternative is that something was broken during the move, and you need to get a repairman inside your component(s). Good luck.