My baby left me... left me sad and bluuuuueee....

Hey folks

So the woman packed up and left, decided to move out for a while, and despite her insistance it aint over, i know it is!!!!!

So i spent a good part of the weekend on the porch of my new house in this beautiful colorado weather drank ice cold beer and jammed out to BB King and Eric Claptons DVD-A "Riding With the King", some very good fitting songs from that album for the situation.

What are the best "My baby left me" Blues out there? Suddenly without having to support my girl anymore i found that my spending cash is not only increased but i can do whatever i want with it. So im looking to pick up some real good blues.
How about "Better Off With the Blues" by Delbert McClinton, album title is "One of the Fortunate Few". It's an average recording, but has some really good songs. I believe it is out of print, you may be able to pick up a copy on Ebay or some other place on-line.
Boz Scaggs (1969/1978) (#171) ***
Scaggs's self-titled debut did not received its due recognition upon its initial release, but has since become a classic among die-hard fans. A bit unfocused stylistically, the album shows Scaggs's diverse musical roots--country/western music ("Now You're Gone"), rhythm & blues ("Loan Me a Dime"), and soul ("Sweet Release"). You can even hear Boz yodel in the parlor tune "Waiting for a Train." The beautiful ballad "Finding Her" anticipated the style of Scaggs's mid-seventies classics. Scaggs's backup band, from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, also appeared on Paul Simon's 1973 album There Goes Rhymin' Simon. Best song: "Loan Me a Dime."

Loan Me a Dime does it for me.
lucky dogg...she LEFT you. how'd ya do it?
Had you even gotten married yet? I thought you were just about to get married. Either way, condolences or congratulations, whichever are in order. Anyway, for me situations like this always call for a little David Bromberg, more angry than sad.

Isn't this the same woman who made you sell your last stereo system so you could buy a house?

Seems to me you are better off.

Next time, look for a rich woman. Preferrably a 18 year old, blonde, nympho, with a multi-million dollar trust fund! Oh wait, that would be Paris Hilton. Nevermind!
No offense to the above recommendations, but get yourself some real blues. Check out Otis Rush "Cold Day In Hell". It's a classic Chicago West Side Blues sound. The difference between Rush and Boz or Delbert (who btw, I actually like quite a lot) is greater than the difference between Sean Connery and Roger Moore.
Slappy, I don't have any song suggestions right now, but I do offer my sympathy. It sucks to go through that, even though we've all been there it's not any easier.

Remember, people are more important than things.

Okay, I thought of a few things. Maybe you should listen to Lyle Lovett's "She's Leaving Me because She Really Wants To." Gordon Lightfoot's "Sitdown Young Stranger" later retitled "If You Could Read My Mind" is an LP that I turn to at sad times, but maybe because of association. "Rainbow Eyes" by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow is another good one. How about "Rosie" from Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty."

Just remember 'heavy metal' rots your brain!
May I recommend a large dose of Robert Cray followed with some Johnny Winter, Tinsley Ellis, Son Seals, and that old british blues band Led Zepplin. Wash it down with some Johnny Walker Black ( take it easy now) yeah you will miss her, look in the mirror and repeat after me," the name is Bond, James Bond" now get to work! TG
Hey Slappy,

Sorry to hear about the woman. Yeah, the "I need some space" is a major kiss-off. Hope this cloud has a silver lining for you. Check out "Handful of Blues" by Robben Ford and the Blue Line, especially his version of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". Killer.
PS I miss Colorado.
try eric clapton, E.C. was here
- "Have You Ever Loved a Woman"

hey Onhwy61, I also like Rush's "Mourning in the Morning"
The old stereo rig had to go due to the debt which resulted in really poor roommate choice, but she WAS adamant about getting my stereo in the basement.

Every cloud has a silver lining. She didnt make much money and most of my earnings went to all the bills. With her out of the picture my financial situation has relaxed pretty nicely,so i will be able to put some more money in my stereo rig.

Yep, werent married, but i DID manage to buy her mothers house when they were finished renovating it. Granite, Marble, Hardwood, and Slate everywhere. The house is beautiful, and i got a killer deal on it.

As for the suggestion for the 18 year old, ARE YOU NUTS? My "girl" was 20, im 27, this time im looking for a girl of at least 25. Were not really broken up at this point, but the way this all happened gives me no doubt i will be single within a month.

And that of course, is the best time to buy stereo gear. No more of this "you dont need new speakers, those radioshack speakers sound perfectly fine", or "You are wanting to spend HOW MUCH on THAT UGLY THING? FORGET IT!"

Ok Slappy, enough sadness! Put on Elvis Costello's "Lipstick Vogue" REAL LOUD and sing along. --)
Maybe some Eminem would be more appropriate...LOL

stay away from the young ones Slappy...I've made that mistake also...fwiw

There is only one, and only one CD to buy when you have the blues about a woman, and that is Layla, nothing in the world compares to it, period. Check out Bobby singing (I mean weeping) the background vocals to Layla, Why does love got to be so sad, Thorn Tree in a Garden, man it just dosen't get any better than this. Clapton at his best with Bell Bottom Blues and the added bonus of Duane Allman's slide geetar. I learned to play guitar from these two guys who have had more blues to sing and play about then any body. Too bad you don't live closer I would buy the beer for the entire week! I feel your pain, my brother, but get the CD, drink your sorrows away and then go out and chase some skirt! You will find some fresh poon tang out there in a month or so, so get on your horse and ride!

Get the Layla CD and play da blues away!

Happy Listening.
I somehow knew this thread had to be you after 3 sentences slappy. Anyway plenty of fish in the sea go find another. You got any Zeppelin? Try "I can't quit you babe"
'Yesterday'. by the Beatles.

Or, if you are thinking of going back to her, try 'Reviewing The Situation' from the "OLIVER!" soundtrack....a song befitting your sense of humor.

If you are really feeling angry and used, 'Dirty Water' from the Jesus & Mary Chain (Stoned and Dethroned album) is, in my opinion one of the ultimate 'skrew you too' songs ever written.
Jesus. He asks for Blues, he gets suggestions for, well, not gonna single anyone out, but some stuff that is NOT blues.

Try out, as someone mentioned, Otis Rush Mourning in the Morning, or So Many Roads (Live in Japan).

Look at Amazon for a copy of the out of print House of Blues release "King Dollar" by Paul Black and the Flip Kings-- outstanding in every way- great slide guitar and harmonica work, gritty vocals, and includes the classic "Dead Shrimp Blues" along with some originals by Paul Black;; "When I come home, she'll be waitin' on the back porch, with a rolling pin, or a pitch fork, fixin' for a fight. Pistol missin' from my dresser drawer, it's gonna be a crap shoot for sure-- (My Baby) "Makes her point the hard way". The disc is out of print, but you can find used ones for cheap if you keep your eyes open. I just got one for $5 to replace the old bootlegged copy a friend made me.

You might also find some solace in the soul-blues of the Mighty One, Mighty Sam McClain. Check out "A soul that's been abused" off of Keep on Movin' or 'Other side of the Tracks' and 'Hanging on the Cross' off of the later album Journey. Those last two are less love related, but if'n you be wantin' some blues, that be it. Look for JVC XRCD reissues of his stuff- even better than the Audioquest issues of the early albums.

I have a spare MSM CD because I bought the XRCD version of it. I don't recall which album. If you drop me a note with your address I'll mail it to you just because your woman done lef' you. Well, that and I'm tired of moving it and saying "I should do something with that"

Oh, there will be other women. Trust me on this. Be glad you didn't marry her, and beware of her if she returns.

The singer is a "woman", but Etta James will make you cry in your drink. Sam McClain too.

Slappy, enjoy the extra time you now have. I found it to be really great, really cleared my head on quite a few things. Just don't get weird on us. Or more weird I should say :>).

Good luck,
“Haaaaaaaappy Days Are Heeeeeeeeeere Again”...
(sung, of course, with a Blues chord progression, and a shit-eating smile on the face.)

And don't forget those immortal words of J. Geils:

"I've had the blues, the reds and the pinks,
One thing's for stinks!"

Now that almost a day has passed, your blues now has probably changed somewhat to anger, so go get Pat Travers, Boom, Boom Out Go The Lights!!

This will make you feel much better!
Women---Can't live with 'em;can't shoot 'em. It's all a growing and learning process. Wallow a couple of days then get over it. Y would anybody wanna be with somebody 'what don't wanna be with them??---Life's hard enough. Do something creative that makes you feel good about yourself--You know maybe help you a family member. Quit your whining there are millions whom would be glad to be in your shoes--- unless you got small feet.
forget about your situation, hop in your ride turn on the stereo real loud, go down town and leer at woman while playing creams "politics". Hey hey baby step into my black car,great guitar riff comes next(da dant dadant da da da da dadant), I just want to show you what my politics are!!!! Should help ease the pain.
I know you are feeling blue, but ... if you are feeling a little vindictive I would suggest some early Richard Thompson, i.e., shortly after he split with Linda. There are some VERY biting lyrics on how he thought about her. He was probably a little harsh, at least for a public forum such as a song, but that is how he felt. I'm not advocating hostility to an "ex" just some good music inspired by such an event.
I know what will cheer you up:
The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma
Almost any blues from the master, John Lee Hooker, listen to "It Serves Me Right To Suffer" and "When My First Wife Left Me" Oh by the way, I have been there and the music helps.
How about "I Feel Like Home Made Sh*t" by the Village Fugs? That one comes from the late 60s, and seems to sum up your feelings perfectly.
This is great you guys.....and I'm glad that we are all here for you Slappy. I went through it last year ''again' at 45 and it was all because I asked her for some help setting up ASC tube traps in my sound room......she ( after 1/2 years ) never understood my love for music.....was I at was I chasing I of will pass, belive me. Anyway for the music.....there has been some real good choices floating around here....but I will suggest a song when you DO find another one.....''Handle Me With Care''...Traveling Wilbury's says it all. I have found that woemen are much easier at coming IN, then they are going Away......
John Lee Hooker, introducing "When My First Wife Left Me", at a show I attended, muttered under his breath, "She done me a favor".
Take care, Slap. I had a great time with your thread about where to put the stereo vs the home cinema. Your rig wound up in the basement but she was happy. I always liked Dylan for the angry moments--there's nobody madder--but I hate being jumped on by Blues Brothers, so I'll say "Time Out of Mind" and split fast ;-)
Not really a blues song but a great after breakup song. Go to
You and me both. "I FEEL you pain" (don't remember where that quote comes from but it cracks me up), and it seems from the responces everyone has at one time or another, and listened to the blues from someone who has from one time or another. And yet, while you are so not alone, you are alone.
My personal choices, van morrison, 'the healing game' and the happy/opposite follow up 'back on top'. Eric clapton's reptile has a lot of tunes that at a time did it for me. At another time, when delbert mcclinton sang, "I know it's over, but it ain't over yet" in 'blues as blues can get' from 'never been rocked enough'. Robert johnson is really big right now and I would caution you to STAY CLEAR of him because his lyrics could really f#!* you up and make things worse than they already are.
There is enough suggestions here that if you bought them all, you would run yourself broke again, and poetic in that there is so many to share in what we listen to from others and what they sing to us all. Somebody sings something that fits, but YOU have your own blues tune.
I am currently listening to music without words quite often, so I can just feel. I have recently discovered the classical on the radio. Feels real good.
I am on the other end, the one walking out the door, and perhaps can relate that it may not be over, maybe it is, but something is, somethings got to change. She is gone for now, maybe for good, but it is time for you to effect your change, because it is just you now. Time for your own tune, so I might also suggest perhaps moving your rig upstairs, buying new equipment, or whatever, implement the SAP. the "slappy approval facter".
Hope this helps.
"I Can See Clearly Now" sung by the Holly Cole Trio. Listen to it while viewing "Girlfriend of the Day" on the Maxim magazine website . The song "Dont't Worry, Be Happy" works great too, but do not know who sang it.

Keep in mind that if you Do let her back into your life, it will be under YOUR terms and conditions. No more opinions about the music system.
Don't despair Slappy, lots more fish in the ocean boy !!
She'll be lookin for ya in short time. You'll be on to better things when it happens. A dude with your sense of humor and intelligence won't have a problem being w/o love and happiness very long. Keep yer spirits up and your head high !! Argent: Hold Your Head Up !! Alan Parsons: Psycobabble & You Don't Believe !!
Sittin' on Top of the World

One summer day, she went away
She gone and left me, she gone to stay
she's gone, but I don't worry
Because I'm sittin' on top of the world.

Howlin' Wolfe
Bluesville series, Volume Eleven ........ "Blues is a heart's Sorrow".
Plenty of "my baby left me blues" here Slappy, to make you feel better.
Just wanted to take a minuit and thank you all for the support, it is very appreciated!

Some good tune reccommendations as well! :)

Yeah, the sorrow phaze and angry phaze have already passed (wow that was shorter than i expected) Now im actually kinda relieved.

We men have the bad habit of getting into a relationship and coasting through even when things turn sour. Sometimes something has gotta happen to make you realize you were not too happy with the person. We will see what happens.

Slappy, I still love you!
Awwww... im surrounded in warm fuzzys!

Slappy, you haven't met nrchy yet. More like surrounded in frozen custard! That really would get your mind off of how your feeling. When I went through my divorce 12 years ago Melissa Etheridge was played alot. Not the blues but with her sexual preferences she's been dumped alot. Shows in her songs. A'Gon is a great bunch of people.
Is that like cold fuzzies?
For me it was a James Cotton cut, a cover of BB's "Sweet Sixteen" on James' self-titled album on Verve/Folkways(1967).

The Luther Tucker guitar solo slammed the rudder of my musical direction ship so hard I never looked back.