My Audio System and Invitation.

I have more than 40 years of Audio history starting with Garrard Turntable, Fisher Integrated Amp(SS) and ADS bookself speaker on 1978.

I had gone through more than 10 different amplifiers including Krell KSA 150, Jadis 500, speakers including Thiel, Apogee Duetta Signature, Avalon Ascent, B&W 801 Notilus, Wilson Watt Puppy 6.

I gave up LP’s when I moved from Berkeley to Chicago by car on 1989, since then I had been playing just redbook CDs.

I have a beautiful listening room at third floor attic in a house at North West side of Washington State.

It’s dimension is 20ft(D) x 16ft(W) x 15ft (H) but open to the second floor living room.

Above photo was taken Aug, 2018 before the current update.

After updating systems, now I have the most musical and holographic sound at my home.

My current system is

Lansche 4.1 speaker, Silbaton 300B amplifier, Line Magnetic 508 amplifer, Lyngdorf 2170 used as room correction, Pre and DAC and Jay’s Audio CDT2 Mk2 transport.

I am using Spiritual Audio Vx9 power conditioner, Synergistic Blue Power cables, Perfect Path Technologies Ecard, Synergistic Blue fuse,,

Speaker and Interconnect Cables used to be from Audio Note but recently I am auditioning some other cables.

I would like to invite up to 4 people to my listening room and get their opinion on my audio system.

Since the sweet spot is rather narrow, it is not a good idea to invite more than 4 people to my listening room.

We will meet at restaurant near Burlington WA on 12 PM, Feb 9th.

Lunch will be dutch pay (around 16$ per person).

Then we will move to my house together and spend 4 hours and finish around 5pm.

If you are interested in the meeting, please send me a private message to me by Saturday Feb 2nd.

If there are more than 4 people interested in the meeting, then I will select 4 people with more activity in the forum.

On Sunday Feb 3rd, I will send invitation up to 4 people indicating the address of restaurant and my cell phone no by PM.

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Mix of demonstration disk, Eva Cassidy, Jenifer Warnes, Oriental Music, Classical vocal and Michael Jackson's History
Wow, nice!  Wish I was a little closer, I'm in Olympia.
@ big_greg

Thanks for your kind word.

It takes 3 hour drive from Olympia.

There may be no traffic jam on Saturday.

Even though I am on the opposite coast which precludes me of your invitation, I just wanted to say kudos on such a generous, thoughtful offer...
What a great offer...How does it sound with some good Chicago Blues or old fashioned rock like UFO or Rush?
Your offer is very generous, but It's a rare weekend that I could invest most of a day to go listen to an audio system.  Life is just too busy and weekends are reserved for my girlfriend and grandkids.  We have a music club that meets in Olympia, usually the 3rd Wednesday evening of each month.  You can find us on Facebook, look for Olympia Music Club or send me a private message and I can send more details.
@ freediver

My system sound clear voice with classical rock.

I plan to include one in playlist.
@ thecarpathian

Thanks for your kind word.

I wish to have fun time with forum audiophile near me.
I can’t be there but I can provide some New Dark Matter for your transport. Let me know if interested.
Thomas, I thought you lived in Seattle. Since you are meeting in Burlington, is your home close to that location? I live on the north end of Whidbey Island, west of Oak Harbor. I'm considering your kind offer.

@ islandmandan

Hello Dan

I live close to Burlington.

You are welcome to join the party.

If you send me PM, then I will let you know the location of restaurant and my cell no for contact.

best regards


Great offer, if you ever take your entire room on a road show to the east side of the state it would be fun. 

I haven't been up north yet since moving to Vancouver, WA. How long is the drive from here to you?
@ bdp24

Vancouver BC is just one and half hour drive from here.

But Vancouver WA is 4 hour drive without traffic jam on Saturday.

It would be nice to meet you.

We had exchanged lot of discussions on other posts.

@ geoffkait

I am not so sure whether I need new dark matter for my transport.

But I appreciate your kind offer.
You might not be sure you need NDM on your transport. But I am sure. We almost have a majority. DNM. The holy grail. I can have it there in three days.
Hope you are able to find some happy listeners. trying to share systems in the Boston MA area but for some reason there is a complete lack of interest. I guess many audiophiles would rather listen alone.

One of plasma tweeter stopped working today.

It has been 5 years and 5000 hours on it.

Thus it is about time to replace it.

I had contact with Lansche Audio for replacement.

But I did not expect it to die before Feb 9th.

Without one tweeter working, the imaging and balance is not normal.

I have to cancel the invitation on Feb 9th.

Thanks a lot to those who expressed intention to come over to my house.

I will arrange the new date after I get new replacement tweeter.


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I received new plasma tweeters yesterday.

They sound better than old one.

Shall I make a date of invitation like March 16th?

We will meet at restaurant near Burlington WA on 12 PM, March 16th.

Then we will move to my house together and spend 4 hours and finish around 5 pm.

I also welcome member living in BC Canada.

My house is 50 minutes from Border.


My system sound even better after using new digital cables and tube rolling.

We will meet in front of Market Buffet inside Skagit Casino at 12PM on March 16th.

5984 North Darrk Ln
Bow, WA 98232

Please send me PM if you are interested joining the party.

You could bring one or two of your favorite redbook CD.

best wishes


"Kingrex" who listened to " I am so lonesome tonight" by Elvis in my listening room on Saturday, March 16th, mentioned as follows.

It was the best voice of "Elvis" that he had ever heard with nuanced details and spooky presence.

My system combining LM 508 SET amplifier and plasma tweeter of Lansche 4.1  is the best for any vocal music.
Only one person attended  invitation to my system on March 16th.

He left his opinion in other forum.

I made some time to meet Thomas and listen to his setup. There was suppose to be 4 of us. One called ahead sick, another the following day for some reason and one just fell off the earth. If you accept an invitation you are taking a spot others may want. If your not interested, don’t accept. Thomas was rightfully upset. Anyhow, the system.

I have listened to some nice systems in the last 4 ot 5 years. Only 1 made tears come to my eyes. That was a gigantic horn system playing Dylan. Thomas’s was the second. What really surprised me was it was to a Elvis song. It was a slow ballad. "I am so lonesome tonight". I’m not an Elvis fan, but the Lanche speakers and Line Magnetic amp produced such a strikingly real, Elvis is in the house play, it took me by surprise. There is something about how clean and dynamically quick the Lanche play. Voices are spooky real. If you closed your eyes, it would be hard to tell Charlie’s setup from a live singer through a PA.

Thomas played some other small scale music. Mostly vocal with limited Instruments. I then asked him to play The Nutcracker. Call me weird. I have about 6 versions of that album. Never have I heard such a breath of life like the Lanche /Line M put out. You can hear the hall like your in it. Out of all the great systems I have heard, this was at the top of the close your eyes and your in the symphony sound . It was so, so real. I’m pretty impressed with what the Corona Plasma tweeter can do.

Everything was CD playback and the system was room processed and equalized to hand off below 50 hertz to a basic PSB sub. I’m excited about this as I’m about to biamp my speakers which means I will be using an active crossover. I liked what I heard so I hope what I make at home works somewhat as well.

In all, high praise to Charlie for a well tuned, top class system to enjoy.


I have listened to some nice systems in the last 4 ot 5 years. Only 1 made tears come to my eyes. That was a gigantic horn system playing Dylan. Thomas’s was the second. 

>>>>>Dylan Thomas always makes me cry.
@ geoffkait 

Dylan Thomas is a nice poet.

I can understand he makes you cry