My Audible Illusions Modulus 3B arrived

I received a refurbished Modulus 3B last Friday, courtesy of the FedEx man. I have been comparing it against my Modulus 3A in the same system all weekend. First, let me say this is Art's best Modulus to date. I had an original Modulus 3 in my system for 19 years, a 3A for the last 5 years and now the 3B, so I truly know it's signature sound.

The build quality on the 3B is the best yet and it looks very sexy with it's silver face and blue backlit silver knobs. Even my wife thought it looked "real nice". All the source switching is now done via a relay and the controls are all very silky smooth. The sound is much more refined than the 3A and 3. You sense more air around the notes, the highs are silky smooth, bass is thunderous and the midrange is to die for.

The preamp is dead quiet. Even with the volume all the way up, there is dead silence, and that makes me very happy. I am also glad that the separate power supply no longer buzzes. I had to keep a Magic Brick on the 3A's power supply. There is just a lot of little things that makes this preamp a joy to use and hear.

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SWEET!!! I have a M3a and love it. Do you know if Art still offers an upgrade policy with older Modulus units? I'd love to make the plunge to a 3B, or even a 3L. I heard that there is a line only version of the 3b since I use a outboard phono stage. Do you know if they are the same other than the phono stage? Enjoy!
As the director of sales for Audible Illusions, I can tell you that we do still offer a trade-in policy. Your M3A can be traded in for either an M3B or an L3. You can contact Art at the factory at 386-676-2004 for details or contact me directly at 917-576-2466. Kind regards, Alan
My power supply is humming in my audio refinement pre5 preamp. How does the magick brick work and do you have a link that can give me more details?

VPI no longer makes the magic brick. They show up here all the time. It is a wooden box filled with iron filings which damps out the vibration. I got good results with a piece of heavy granite on top of the power supply as well.


You can trade in your 3A for a 3B for around 1850.00. I opted to buy a newly refurbished unit from here for not too much more. The 3A is now in my secondary system

Glad to hear it! I've been loving mine with the MC phono board for some time now. Arts a hoot, glad to see he is still at.