My Apologies to Miller Carbon

You suggested I leave my solid state components on all the time in spite of the trickle charge when off. Today after almost 2 weeks I heard better more solid lows, more air between the instruments, less hash, etc. Miller Carbon also introduced me to the Schumann Generators (2) which I also find helpful. I have very heavy Vandersteen speakers and am deliberating those suggested springs. Thanks MC
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miller carbon:
let you in on a little secret. If there is one thing that could be called my secret weapon it is that I am fully prepared to admit I don't really know what is going on. Why? Because the minute you are sure you know, you stop looking.

someone else:
Wow I didnt know MC was recommending components before owning them. If this is true, nothing more need be said or known.

Choose wisely.
“Choose wisely”

Yup, lot of us been here longer than you and know how to separate wheat from the chaff. 
ITYS (I told you so.) Leave SS gear ON. Tubers . . . try it.
I can hear the righteous electricians howling now. Electrons in/electrons out. I like my electrons HOT!
My parasound A21+ has a standby mode and they boost a instant full on no warmup necessary capability.  Is the standby the same as idling?

From the A21+ manual

Power Requirement
Standby:1 Watt
Idle (no music playing): 160 Watts
Typical Listening levels: 300 Watts
Maximum: 1400 Watts