My Apologies to Miller Carbon

You suggested I leave my solid state components on all the time in spite of the trickle charge when off. Today after almost 2 weeks I heard better more solid lows, more air between the instruments, less hash, etc. Miller Carbon also introduced me to the Schumann Generators (2) which I also find helpful. I have very heavy Vandersteen speakers and am deliberating those suggested springs. Thanks MC
Been leaving my SS gear on constantly for decades. Only way to go.. In some quarters it is claimed that your caps will actually last longer in a state of constant charge.
My BAT VK-6200 5channel amp stays on 24/7.
From a cold star it sounds best after about 4 days. Once the capacitors are fully charged the air around vocals/instruments as well as the decay is simply magic.
     My TacT 2.2X stays on 24/7*, as well as the BAT VK-D5, even though it uses 6 Siemens CCa’s.   That’s: unless there’s a storm on the horizon, or I’ll be away for awhile.

     *Both have Standby features, that reduce the current levels to their circuitry.    BAT's Standby keeps a much reduced level, to the tubes, compared to it's circuitry (NICE, but: I'm still glad those CCa’s have a 10K hr life expectancy).  

     Digital stuff just takes forever to reach quality sound, from a cold start, in my experience.
As a relative newcomer to this forum, I find millercarbon's posts very interesting and informative. He got me to put the Townshend  platforms on my "to buy" list when I can next afford it.