My Amp is good but probably the weak point

I have an Odyssey Audio Khartago Stereo. It’s got the larger tranny, upgraded wiring, RCA and Speaker posts. It might have one step up from the baseline circuit board (I don’t recall). It’s the first piece I bought and it’s been great. 
but as my system has come together I feel like it’s a choke point though I feel the sound of the system is superb.

So with that I began researching and feel like the Coda #8 would be a strong contender to replace it. My research has also included a JC5 and sending my amp back to Klaus to upgrade to Kismet level.

As of now:

sl1200GR (KAB damper, Isanoe feet)


Sutherland 20/20 MK1 (+ LPS)

Denafrips Athena line stage

Odyssey Khartago

Klipsch Heresy IV

Rythmik L12 (pair)

RCA, XLR, speaker and power cords are Audio Envy

anyine have thoughts? I feel like a part of me wants to go Kismet but that’s 2-6 months to get that done. I have a Vidar as a backup amp but it’s not anywhere near as good as the Odyssey.

$5k limit and looking used. Solid state only.


There is not an amp that does everything. Same with Speakers, Dacs, etc. All because of system matching and integration. Synergy, is the word used here. YOU, as a listener, need to know what " specific characteristics " of recorded music, you are looking for. Lot of Klipsch haters here, but I am with you 100%, with that " Klipsch sound ". Imaging, refinement and presence ? Do you have your HIVs on the floor, or elevated on stands. I like my Heresy collection on stands, with no tilt back, away from the floor and walls. Try it. My best, MrD.

In other words, Massive stands, to get the midrange to ear height, and play with rear wall / side wall distance, and toe in. The Heresy 4 has a port on the rear, very similar to a pro model they produce ( ported, but on the front ). Very different design than Heresy 1, 2 and 3.The ports do interact with the floor, as do the woofers. I prefer them on stands, and sub bass, carefully tuned. I prefer Class A ss, because I want to hear WHAT the musicians are doing on the stage, before I hear where. Speed, agility, control, slam, detail, lower noise, and speaker matching ( when dealing with impedance and sensitivity ) are the major sonic attributes ss does better than tubes ( ime ). There are many tube amps that sound " luscious ", and some more than others. Some higher priced tube stuff gets closer to some of that ss, and vice versa. My tech builds tube products, and repairs all products. We understand each other, as to why he stays with tubes and I stay with ss. He is located in Central Florida ( Fine Tuned Audio /Video )....Kris is the man. Happy TG everyone. Always, MrD.

I looked at the list of gear and thought the same thing as many here, that the weak link here are the Klipsch’s and the amp is all wrong for those speakers. 

Sorry, I did not take the time to read all the comments here.  I know what I know, and that comes from 40 years in this hobby, with countless systems owned, hundreds of audio magazines read, and a few years selling audio gear at retail

jss49 is correct.  If the OP is glued to those speakers, than a SET amp will get the best out of them or even a SEP design.  The Odyssey is way too powerful for those speakers.  

A close friend owns an Odyssey Stratos amongst 20 other tube and SS amps and while they all sound incredible, he never thinks of selling the Odyssey.  It’s mated with large power hungary speakers though.

@jjss49 Ha!  I just read your comments and feel exactly the same way.  I’d take the weak link Odyssey and dump the Heresy’s too :)

Years ago I purchased an early Jeff Korneff 6BQ5 SE integrated from him.  Told him I was looking to match it up with some Klipsch’s and he told me he had run his Korneff 45 amp with Heresy’s 2’s or 4’s and absolutely hated them.  I got a pair of KG3.5’s and it was a very nice combo.  There are much better Klipsch’s in the Heritage Line than Heresy’s, IMHO.