My 6922 Tubes Are Too Bright!

I recently bought a Canary CD-100 CD player.  I swapped out the ElectroHarmonix 6922 tubes for Amperex NOS made in Holland since I had read a review stating that the tubes it came with were too bright.  Unfortunately, it's still too bright for my tastes.  Does anyone have a 6922 they would recommend that's a bit warmer?
Amperex bugle boy 6DJ8--nos.
Yes, but which one? A fairly accurate review...

I’ve tried about 5 variants; they’re very different. Currently using
7308 Amperex PQ (ultra premium 6DJ8/6922) Holland....
same as Philips SQ Special Quality type.
Also have tried the 7308 Amperex PQ (Super Premium 6DJ8) USA.

The Amperex white labels (produced before Bugle Boys) have sweeter mids and smoother highs.

Most of you have more experience with 6DJ8s than I. But I recently started using a Moscode power amp (tube input, Mosfet output). The 6DJ8s were nameless generic Russian, not even a "brand". I thought surely I could improve on them.
I had a pair of NOS American-made gold-pin Amperex. According to some online discussions, it was "the best" 6DJ8 ever made. Even if that’s just bs, I figured it had to be good, certainly better than no-name Russians.
They weren’t nearly as good — big disappointment. The difference wasn’t minor: the Russians were better in every respect, and I put them back in.

No break-in time on the Amperex, which might be a factor... but the gap it would have to close seems insurmountable.
I just wish those Russians did have a name, I’d buy a lot more.
New production Russian tubes are made by Electro Harmonix/ New Sensor, web page:

They make a number of different brands, so maybe you can recognize what you have from the pictures on their web site.

As far as NOS Russian tubes go, the Voskhod rocket logo 6n23p, which is their version of our 6dj8/6922 tubes, have a good reputation for sound but are often noisy. I think Upscale Audio may have some and you can find them on eBay. Make sure you ask about noise and returns before you buy.