My 2 cents about Gallo 3.1

I just got back from an audition of Gallo 3.1 with my Musical Fidelity Nu Vista amplifier. My impression were good, most speakers I've heard that retail for 3K leave me unimpressed. Very good imaging, also at low volumes. When we added the "bass amplifier" that's recommended, it did make a difference. It filled the bottom frequencies with fullness that I find necessary. Plus you get all the flexibility of increasing/decreasing the bass, an option which my amplifier does not provide. Unless you listen to acoustic music, or other types with low bass, I highly recommend the added amplifier. Even at around 4K, you're hard pressed to sound speakers this I have to go to RMAF in Denver and compare them to the Emerald Physics CS2, which retail for about the same and need an extra amplifier too...
I recently bought an M3 Nuvista and am using that with a pair of Spendor SP-1/2E and REL stadium 11. I have moved and my equipment was stored for a long time so all comparisons are risky but this combination sounds better than any I have used previously. This includes Spendor S-100s and Apogee Duetta Signatures driven by 4 Meridian 605s. I still have them and will get around to hooking them up but meanwhile I am very happy with this combination. I have about $2300 in the speakers and sub and find this combination extremely cost effective. Stan
Well Branislav, in my opinion at least, you have great taste in speakers!

Just so happens I'm a Gallo dealer, and was an Emerald Physics dealer until Clayton consolidated his US distribution. So... I'm not gonna cast a vote.

But since you're going to be "in the neighborhood" next weekend anyway, I'd like to invite you to stop by room 1100, and of course you're welcome to bring a CD.

Best wishes,

I love these speakers. The more I play with positioning, cables, tweaks, etc. the better they sound.
Sure Duke would stand behind any of his sales. Plus his body mass is great as a room treatment. But seriously if you do buy, buy from a good guy like old Duke;)
Thank you for invitation Duke...time permitting I'll stop by...